Toussaint McCall

Nothing Takes The Place Of You

  1. I'll Do It for You
  2. Toussaint Shuffle
  3. Nothing Takes the Place of You
  4. Title Escapes Me
  5. (I Left My Heart) In San Francisco
  6. La Rea
  7. Step by Step
  8. Perhaps I Love You
  9. Shimmy
  10. I'm Undecided
  11. All for a Love Like You
  12. Summertime
  13. Let It Be Me with Barbara West
  14. My Love Is a Guarantee

Fuel 2000 issued a wonderful 25 track collection of this fine soul singer's Ronn recordings in 2003, they deleted it two years later and have now issued this CD with 14 of the tracks that were on that CD. Anyway, there's some wonderful deep soul recordings here including his hits Nothing Takes The Place Of You, I'm Undecided and I'll Do It For You . Also hammond B-3 instrumentals like Shimmy. If you missed out on the previous release you should get this one. Issued on Fuel 2000 302 061 657 2 USA