BB 1 Blue Beat Boogie Rock / Heavenly Angel Laurel Aitken & The Boogie Cats 1959
BB 2 Blue Beat Dumplings / Kissing Girl Byron Lee & The Dragonairs 1960
BB 3 Blue Beat When You Tell Me / When You Tell Me Baby Higgs & Wilson
BB 4 Blue Beat Lollypop Girl / Dearest Darling Jiving Juniors
BB 5 Blue Beat My Heart's Desire / I Love You Jiving Juniors
BB 6 Blue Beat Worried Over You / Everything Will Be Alright Keith & Enid
BB 7 Blue Beat Fat Man / I'm Gonna Leave You Derrick Morgan
BB 8 Blue Beat Cutest Little Woman / Running Around Owen Gray
BB 9 Blue Beat Album Of Memory / Why Did You Leave Me Magic Notes
BB 10 Blue Beat Judgment Day / Jennie Is Back Laurel Aitken
BB 11 Blue Beat Send Me / People Will Say We're In Love Keith & Enid with Trenton Spence & His Group
BB 12 Blue Beat Don't Cry / I Pray For You Derrick Morgan & The Ebonies
BB 13 ? probably not issued
BB 14 Blue Beat Judgement Day / Yea Yea Baby Laurel Aitken with Ken Richards & His Harmonisers
BB 15 Blue Beat Easy Snappin' / Goin' Home Clue J Blues Blasters with vocal by Theophilus Beckford
BB 16 Blue Beat Time To Pray / Love You Baby The Mellow Larks with Clue J Blues Blasters
BB 17 Blue Beat Muriel / Silky Alton & Eddie Clue J Blues Blasters
BB 18 Blue Beat Lover Boy / Oh My! Derrick Morgan with Duke Reid and His Group
BB 19 Blue Beat Till The End Of Time Chuck & Dobby / What Makes Honey Duke Reid & His Group
BB 20 Blue Beat Baby What You Done Me Wrong / Go Pretty Baby Go Bobby Kingdom and The Blue Beats
BB 21 Blue Beat Shocking / Blue And Sentimental Lynn Hope
BB 22 Blue Beat Railroad Track / Tell Me Darling Laurel Aitken and The Blue Beats
BB 23 Blue Beat Cool School / The Joker Chuck & Dobby Duke Reid's Group
BB 24 Blue Beat I Wanna Love / Duke's Cookies Jivin Juniors Duke Reid's Group
BB 25 Blue Beat More Whiskey / Parapinto Boogie Laurel Aitken Lloyd Clarke with Duke Reid's Group
BB 26 Blue Beat Tonk Game / Hob-Nobbin Hank Marr 1961
BB 27 Blue Beat Midnight Track / Anytime Anywhere Errol Dixon & The Blue Beats
BB 28 Blue Beat Mash Mr Lee / Help Me Forget Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
BB 29 Blue Beat Rock Baby / Let's Sing The Blues The Wiggons
BB 30 Blue Beat Carolina / I Met A Man Folks Brothers & Count Ossie Afro-Combo
BB 31 Blue Beat Now We Know / Nights Are Lonely Derrick Morgan & With Trenton Spence & His Orchestra
BB 32 Blue Beat Miss Rubberneck Jones / Way Down Yonder Titus Turner
BB 33 Blue Beat Jack & Jill Shuffle / Little Lady Theophilus Beckford with Clue J & His City Slickers
BB 34 Blue Beat River Jordan / I Iive And I Love Clancy Eccles with Hersan & His City Slickers
BB 35 Blue Beat Leave Earth / Wigger Wee Shuffle Derrick Morgan with Clue J Blues Blasters
BB 36 Blue Beat Over The River / Hip Rub The Jiving Juniors with Hersan & His City Slickers
BB 37 Blue Beat Lovers' Jive / Wicked & Dredful Neville Esson Clue J & His Blues Band
BB 38 Blue Beat No More Wedding / Lite Of My Life The Mellow Larks with Clue J Blues Blasters
BB 39 Blue Beat Do Du Wap / I Love My Teacher Chuck & Dobby with Aubrey Adams and His Duproppers
BB 40 Blue Beat Bar Tender / Mash Potato Boogie Laurel Aitken The Blues Busters
BB 41 Blue Beat Creation / Lonely Robin Lascelles Perkins with Clue J Blues Blasters
BB 42 Blue Beat Lonely Boy / I'm Going Back Home The Charmes with Hersan & His City Slickers
BB 43 Blue Beat Sinners Weep / Get Down Owen Gray with Hersan & His City Slickers
BB 44 Blue Beat Honey Please / That's My Girl Bobby Muir & The Blues Busters
BB 45 Blue Beat Satchmo's Mash Potato / Darling Girl Satchmo & The Swinging Mashers
BB 46 Blue Beat Mama Shut Your Door / Too Much Whisky Errol Dixon & The Blue Beats
BB 47 Blue Beat Verona / To Prove My Love Jimmy Sinclair and the Trenton's Orchestra
BB 48 Blue Beat Times Are Going / I Love You Baby Derrick Morgan& Sir Cavaliers Combo
BB 49 Blue Beat Ba Ba Black Sheep C.Byrd / Come Over Here Lloyd & Cecil
BB 50 Blue Beat George & The Old Shoes/That's Me Theo Beckford
BB 51 Blue Beat I'm Not Worthy Drumbago
BB 52 Blue Beat Nursery Rhyme Boogie Laurel Aitken
BB 53 Blue Beat Humpty Dumpty Eric Morris
BB 54 Blue Beat Another Moses Mellow Cats
BB 55 Blue Beat Donna Blues Busters
BB 56 Blue Beat Luke Lane Shuffle Rico Rodriguez / Little Honey Buster's Group
BB 57 Blue Beat Feel So Fine Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 58 Blue Beat Blackberry Brandy Roland Alphonso
BB 59 Blue Beat Oh Fanny Chuck & Dobby
BB 60 Blue Beat Little Willie Clue J & His Blues Band
BB 61 Blue Beat In & Out The Window/Tra La Boogie Monty & Roy Lumbago
BB 62 Blue Beat Shake A Leg / Golden Rule Derrick Morgan with Drumnbago
BB 63 Blue Beat Green Door Roland Alphonso
BB 64 Blue Beat Boss Girl Jackie Estick
BB 65 Blue Beat Baby Please Don't Leave Me/ Let The Good Times Roll Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 66 Blue Beat Pocket Money K Brown
BB 67 Blue Beat Freedom/More Proof Clancy Eccles
BB 68 Blue Beat Rock A Man Soul Mellow Cats / Lazy Lou Monto & The Cyclones
BB 69 Blue Beat War Paint Baby /I Was Wrong Basil Gabbidon & Busters Group
BB 70 Blue Beat Mighty Redeemer Laurel Aitken
BB 71 Blue Beat So Far Apart/ Palms Of Victory Azzie Lawrence& The Mellobeats
BB 72 Blue Beat Million Dollar Baby / First Time I met You Shenley Duffas & Annette
BB 73 Blue Beat There's Always Sunshine/You Had It All Wrong The Blues Busters
BB 74 Blue Beat My Forty Five / I've Tried Every Day Eric Morris & Drumbago's Group
BB 75 Blue Beat Rocking In My Feet / Nobody Else Owen Gray & The Jets
BB 76 Blue Beat Sunday Monday / Be Still Derrick Morgan
BB 77 Blue Beat Spanish Town Twist / Brand New Automobile Bobby Kingdom & The Blue Beats
BB 78 Blue Beat I'm Sorry Jimmy Cliff & Sir Cavaliers / Roarin' Red Price and the Blue Beats
BB 79 Blue Beat Twist Around The Town / My New Honey Girl Satchmo with Kark Rowe & The Blue Beats
BB 80 Blue Beat Babylon Gone / First Gone Roy Count Ossie & His Warrikas, featuring Reco & Gaynair
BB 81 Blue Beat Sinners Repent & Pray Eric Morris / Now & Forever More Hortense Ellis
BB 82 Blue Beat Dont You Know Little Girl / Derrick Morgan / Hully Gully Basil Gabbidon & Buster's Group
BB 83 Blue Beat Money Cant Buy Life Eric Morris & Busters Group /True Love Alton Ellis & Buster's Group
BB 84 Blue Beat Brother David / Back To New Orleans Laurel Aitken & The Blue Beats
BB 85 Blue Beat Come On Over / Come Back My Darling Derrick Morgan & Busters Group
BB 86 Blue Beat Bad Bad Woman / Early This Morning Errol Dixon & His Back Beats
BB 87 Blue Beat Walking Down King Street / Theo Beckford / The Clock Sir Dee's Group
BB 88 Blue Beat I'm Going Home / Lover Came Tumbling Down Lloyd Flowers & Reco's Rhythm Group
BB 89 Blue Beat Are You Mine The / I'll Love You Forever The Echoes & The Celestials
BB 90 Blue Beat Guilty Convict / Just Because Rupie Edwards & Smithie's Sextet
BB 91 Blue Beat Millie Girl / Headache Derrick Morgan
BB 92 Blue Beat Evening Train / Take Me Home Clive Bailey & Rico's Blues Group
BB 93 Blue Beat Never Never (South Virginia) /Isabella Bobby Aitken & Busters Group
BB 94 Blue Beat Meekly Wait / Day In And Day Out DerrickMorgan with Yvonne Harrison
BB 95 Blue Beat How Can I Be Sure Higgs & Wilson
BB 96 Blue Beat Sit And Cry/Do You Know Millie & Owen Gray
BB 97 Blue Beat Love Not To Brag Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 98 Blue Beat Daddy / Hello Love Kent & Jeanie
BB 99 Blue Beat Good Morning Lloyd Clarke
BB 100 Blue Beat In My Heart Derrick Morgan/Bells Group
BB 101 Blue Beat My Sound That Goes Around / They Got to Go Buster & The Torchlighters
BB 102 Blue Beat Tell Me Why Blues Busters / Done You Wrong Blues Busters
BB 103 Blue Beat No Good Woman Owen Gray
BB 104 Blue Beat Fools Day Lloyd Clarke
BB 105 Blue Beat Pick Up Your Troubles / Oh What A Smile Can Do Eric Morris
BB 106 Blue Beat Oh Shirley Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 107 Blue Beat You Better Be Gone/ I`ve Been Waiting Beresford Rickets & The Blues Beats
BB 108 Blue Beat Do You Want To Jump Owen Gray and Les Dawson Combo / Keep It In Mind Owen Gray
BB 109 Blue Beat Lucille Laurel Aitken 1962
BB 110 Blue Beat Are You Going To Marry Me? / Troubles Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 111 Blue Beat Iverene Basil Gabbidon
BB 112 Blue Beat Four Corners Of The World Roland Alphonso
BB 113 Blue Beat Best Twist Owen Gray
BB 114 Blue Beat Crying Over You The Charmers / Now You Want To Cry Charmers
BB 115 Blue Beat G.I. Lady / Going to the River Eric Morris & Prince Busters All Stars
BB 116 Blue Beat Independence Day Prince Buster & Blue Beats / Blue Beat All Stars
BB 217 Blue Beat Draw Me Nearer/Daddys Girl Owen Gray
BB 118 Blue Beat In Your Arms Dear Roy & Patsy
BB 119 Blue Beat Midnight Train Hortense Ellis
BB 120 Blue Beat Sixty Days Sixty Nights Laurel Aitken
BB 121 Blue Beat Crying In The Chapel /Come Back My Lover Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd
BB 122 Blue Beat When You Walk Lloyd Robinson
BB 123 Blue Beat Oh My Lover/Let's Go To The Party Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 124 Blue Beat Independence Blues Basil Gabbidon
BB 125 Blue Beat When It's Spring / True Love Keith & Enid
BB 126 Blue Beat This Heart of Mine/You Cheated On Me Al T. Joe
BB 127 Blue Beat Pretty Girl Owen Gray
BB 128 Blue Beat Over The Hills / Lazy Woman Eric Morris & Busters Group
BB 129 Blue Beat Our Melody Basil Gabbidon
BB 130 Blue Beat Should Be Ashamed / Marjorie Derrick Morgan & Busters Group
BB 131 Blue Beat Have Faith In Me / I Care Derrck Harriott
BB 132 Blue Beat Bringing In The Sheep/Run Away Theo Beckford
BB 133 Blue Beat Time Longer Than Rope / Fake King Prince Buster & The Band of The People
BB 135 Blue Beat Love And Leave Me Derrick Morgan with Lloyd Clarke / Merry Twist Derrick Morgan
BB 136 Blue Beat They Got To Move Owen Gray
BB 137 Blue Beat Miss Peggy's Grandmother Eric Morris
BB 138 Blue Beat One Hand Washes the Other / Cowboy Comes to Town Prince Buster & The all Stars
BB 139 Blue Beat Tree in the Meadow / Lizabella Owen Grey & Busters Group
BB 140 Blue Beat Seven Long Years Eric Morris / For Your Love Busters Group
BB 141 Blue Beat Joybells/Going Down To Canaan Derrick Morgan & Denzil Dennis
BB 142 Blue Beat Weary Wonderer Laurel Aitken
BB 143 Blue Beat Searching Zoot Sims
BB 144 Blue Beat What A World Prince Buster
BB 145 Blue Beat Bed Of Roses Cosmo & Denzil
BB 146 Blue Beat Don't Leave Me Bobby Aitken
BB 147 Blue Beat Big Mabel Owen Gray / Don`t Come Knocking Owen Gray
BB 148 Blue Beat Jezebel Derrick Morgan
BB 149 Blue Beat She's Gone To Napoli Owen Gray & Laruel Aitken
BB 150 Blue Beat Run Man Run Prince Buster & The All Stars My / Three Children Danny, Dane & Lorraine Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 151 Blue Beat I'm Ashamed/Settle Down Little Willie
BB 152 Blue Beat Little Brown Girl Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd / Mow Sen Wa Derrick Morgan & Lloyd Clarke)
BB 153 Blue Beat Lonely Blue Boy Eric Morris / Oh We Prince Buster
BB 154 Blue Beat Over & Over / /I'll Go Roy & Millie
BB 155 Blue Beat Ena Mena Basil Gabbidon
BB 156 Blue Beat Don't Be Sad Girl Satchmo
BB 157 Blue Beat Time After Time / Done Me Wrong The Charmers & Busters Band
BB 158 Blue Beat Open Up Bartender / Enjoy It Prince Buster 1963
BB 159 Blue Beat You Told Me Lloyd Robinson
BB 160 Blue Beat Baby Please Don't Leave Me /Hold Me Derrick Morgan
BB 161 Blue Beat I'll Find Love Basil Gabbidon & Busters Group / What You Gonna Do Mellow Larks & Busters All Stars
BB 162 Blue Beat Money Prince Buster / Little Boy's Blues The Schoolboys
BB 163 Blue Beat King Duke Sir Prince Buster & The All Stars I see Them In My Sight Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 164 Blue Beat Zion Laurel Aitken
BB 165 Blue Beat Mood I Am In Duke Reid
BB 166 Blue Beat Goodbye Dreamboat/Please Forgive Me Al T. Joe
BB 167 Blue Beat Ten Commandments Prince Buster & The All Stars Rust is Welcome Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 168 Blue Beat Love Another Love/He Is My Darling School Girls
BB 169 Blue Beat Fatso Al T. Joe
BB 170 Blue Beat Madness / Toothache Busters All Stars
BB 171 Blue Beat Call My Name / Take My Heart Derrick Morgan
BB 172 Blue Beat Spit In The Sky Delroy Wilson
BB 173 Blue Beat Burning Creation Prince Buster / Boop Busters All Stars
BB 174 Blue Beat Little Dilly Little Boys
BB 175 Blue Beat Gypsy Woman / Do Unto Others Frank Cosmo
BB 176 Blue Beat Hallelujah/Helping Ages Maytals
BB 177 Blue Beat Patricia My Dear/The Girl I Left Behind Derrick Morgan
BB 178 Blue Beat Be True Derrick Harriott
BB 179 Blue Beat Reload/ Far East Don Drummond
BB 180 Blue Beat Three More Rivers To Cross Prince Buster / African Blood Busters All Stars
BB 181 Blue Beat Seven Nights In Rome Cosmo & Denzil
BB 182 Blue Beat Mighty Ruler / Run Old Man Roy Panton
BB 183 Blue Beat Press Along / Mighty As A Rose Zoot Sims
BB 184 Blue Beat Country Girl / Sweet Love Prince Buster & Eric Derrick
BB 185 Blue Beat Live Up To Justice School Girls
BB 186 Blue Beat Fowl Thief / Remember Me Prince Buster
BB 187 Blue Beat Tears On My Pillow/You Should Have Known Derrick Morgan
BB 188 Blue Beat Call Me My Pet Owen Gray
BB 189 Blue Beat Watch it Blackhead Prince Buster / Hello My Dear Prince & Millie
BB 190 Blue Beat If You Want Pardon Higgs & Wilson
BB 191 Blue Beat Sonia/Together The Marvels
BB 192 Blue Beat Rolling Stones Prince Buster & The Charmers / This Day Rico & His Blues Band
BB 193 Blue Beat So You Shot Reds Eric Morris
BB 194 Blue Beat Danial Saw The Stone Laurel Aitken
BB 195 Blue Beat Blues From The Hills Rico
BB 196 Blue Beat Telephone Derrick Morgan / Little Kiethie The Schoolgirls
BB 197 Blue Beat Window Shopping / Sodom & Gomorrah Prince Buster
BB 198 Blue Beat Was It Me Rudy & Sketto
BB 199 Blue Beat Spider & Fly / Blind Mice Prince Buster
BB 200 Blue Beat Wash All Your Troubles Away Prince Buster / Soul of Africa Rico & His Bluebeats
BB 201 Blue Beat Snow Falling Owen Gray
BB 202 Blue Beat Someone Will Be There College Boys
BB 203 Blue Beat Tom Hark Mickey Finn & The Blue Men
BB 204 Blue Beat I'm Back Charmers
BB 205 Blue Beat Helena Darling Flames
BB 206 Blue Beat Going South C. Sylvester
BB 207 Blue Beat Lover / The Moon Boy Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 208 Blue Beat Show Me The Way To Go Home Rudy & Sketto
BB 209 Blue Beat Blue Beat's Over Red Price
BB 210 Blue Beat Wash All Your Troubles Away Prince Buster / Soul of Africa Rico & His Bluebeats
BB 211 Blue Beat Spirit / Beggars Are No Choosers Prince Buster
BB 213 Blue Beat Do The Dog Syko & The Caribs
BB 214 Blue Beat Last Time School Girls
BB 215 Blue Beat He Is Real/Domino Maytals
BB 216 Blue Beat You're Mine / Tongue Will Tell Prince Buster
BB 217 Blue Beat Draw Me Nearer/Daddy's Girl Owen Grey
BB 218 Blue Beat Love Can Break A Man Eric Morris
BB 219 Blue Beat Hell Gate/Good From The Bad Roy Panton
BB 220 Blue Beat Ive Got A Pain (Pain in My Belly) The Maytals / City Riot Busters All Stars
BB 221 Blue Beat Millie Maytals
BB 222 Blue Beat Pempelem Azzie Lawrence
BB 223 Blue Beat Sugar Babe Syko & The Caribs
BB 224 Blue Beat Steal Away/ Money Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 225 Blue Beat Three Blind Mice / I Know Prince Buster
BB 226 Blue Beat What About Us Roy Kildaire
BB 227 Blue Beat Blue Beat Chariot Girl Satchmo
BB 228 Blue Beat Down In Virginia/ Hey Little Schoolgirl Trevor & The Caribs
BB 229 Blue Beat Shame Johnny and The Bluebeats
BB 230 Blue Beat Ten Thousand Miles From Home Roy & Sketto
BB 231 Blue Beat Dog War Maytals
BB 232 Blue Beat She Pon Top / Midnight Prince Buster
BB 233 Blue Beat Let Them Talk/ Sleeping Derrick Morgan
BB 234 Blue Beat She Loves You / Healing (In the Barn Yard) Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 235 Blue Beat Time is Hand Lloyd Barnes / Reincarnation Busters All Stars
BB 236 Blue Beat I'm A Lonely Boy Country Boy
BB 237 Blue Beat I'm Walking Tommy Burton
BB 238 Blue Beat Waiting For You/Sunshine The Charmers
BB 239 Blue Beat Miss Lulu/She's So Young Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd 1964
BB 240 Blue Beat He Took Me Away Wilf Todd
BB 241 Blue Beat Red Sea/You May Not Believe Big Charlie
BB 242 Blue Beat Oh What A Feeling Riffs
BB 243 Blue Beat Jealous / Busters Ska Prince Buster
BB 244 Blue Beat Prince Royal Prince Buster/One God Frank Cosmo
BB 245 Blue Beat Little Flea/Don't Talk Maytals
BB 246 Blue Beat Tell Me Dobby Dobson
BB 247 Blue Beat Troubles/Baby Face Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 248 Blue Beat Thirty Pieces Of Silver / Everybody Ska Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 249 Blue Beat This Great Day Laurel Aitken 1964
BB 250 Blue Beat She's Gone Theo Beckford
BB 251 Blue Beat Dig Them Prince Charmers
BB 252 Blue Beat Minna Rudy & Sketto
BB 253 Blue Beat Time Is On Me Friends Joe Kingston
BB 254 Blue Beat Wings of a Dove Prince Buster / Sweet Love Buster & Derrick
BB 255 Blue Beat Judgement Day/Goodbye Jane Maytals
BB 256 Blue Beat Glamour Girl The Charmers & Theo Beckford / Down Beat Burial Busters All Stars
BB 257 Blue Beat Don't Worry To Cry Theo Beckford
BB 258 Blue Beat Little Girl / No More Roy & Yvonne
BB 259 Blue Beat Save Mamma/Out De Fire The Royals
BB 260 Blue Beat Little Stars Plummers
BB 261 Blue Beat Contented Wife Derrick Morgan/Jet 707 Busters All Stars
BB 262 Blue Beat Oh Lady Oh / Day O Ska Prince Buster 1964
BB 263 Blue Beat Never Let Go School Girls/Supercharge Skatalites
BB 264 Blue Beat I Want To Be Free Free Souls
BB 265 Blue Beat Georgia/The Party The Deltas
BB 266 Blue Beat We Are Praying Priest Herman / Dallas Texas Busters All Stars
BB 267 Blue Beat Walk Between Your Enemies/Do As I Say The Champs
BB 268 Blue Beat Katy Katy/ Call On Me Derrick Morgan
BB 269 Blue Beat Rice & Badgee (Frank) Cosmo / The Tickler Busters All Stars
BB 270 Blue Beat You Got Me Spinning/Lovely Walking Maytals
BB 271 Blue Beat No Knowledge In College / In The Middle Of The Night Prince Buster
BB 272 Blue Beat Fay is Gone Winston & Errol / Sauce & Tea The Monarchs
BB 273 Blue Beat Stitch In Time Eric Morris
BB 274 Blue Beat I May Never Love You Again / Hey Little Girl Prince Buster
BB 275 Blue Beat Hanging The Beam Skatalites
BB 276 Blue Beat Weep No More/I Want A Girl Derrick Morgan
BB 277 Blue Beat Pain In my Heart Higgs & Wilson / Going West Busters All Stars
BB 278 Blue Beat Blood Pressure / Islam Prince Buster
BB 279 Blue Beat Nobody Takes My Baby Away From Me Lloyd Charmers /Mules, Mules, Mules Busters All Stars
BB 280 Blue Beat Stir The Pot/Mercy Derrick Morgan & Eric Morris
BB 281 Blue Beat Looking Down The Street The Maytals / Blues Market Busters All Stars
BB 282 Blue Beat Big Fight / Red Dress Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 283 Blue Beat Johnny Grove Derrick Morgan / Yeah Yeah Busters All Stars
BB 284 Blue Beat Gypsey Errol & His Group
BB 285 Blue Beat Mighty Man Carnations
BB 286 Blue Beat Roland Plays The Prince Roland Alphonso
BB 287 Blue Beat On You Knees Theo Beckford
BB 288 Blue Beat Tic Toc Basil Gabbidon
BB 289 Blue Beat Rub It Down/Wicked Men Bibby Seaton
BB 290 Blue Beat Daddys Gone Owen Grey / Johnny Dark Busters All Stars
BB 291 Blue Beat You I Love/Steal Away Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 292 Blue Beat Evening News Lord Creator
BB 293 Blue Beat Aguar Fumar / Long Winter Prince Buster & The Charmers
BB 294 Blue Beat Eye For An Eye Prince Buster / South Virginia Busters All Stars
BB 295 Blue Beat I've Been A Fool Hortense Ellis
BB 296 Blue Beat Sweet Rosemarie Cosmo & Denzil
BB 297 Blue Beat See What You Done Rudy & Sketto
BB 298 Blue Beat Ska Town Don Drummond
BB 299 Blue Beat Light Of The World/Lovely Walking Maytals
BB 300 Blue Beat It Takes Time Flames
BB 301 Blue Beat Hang Your Head And Cry/ Everything's Gonna Be Alright Royce Wong
BBEP 301 Blue Beat Battle Of The Blues Wyonie Harris EP
BB 302 Blue Beat Ling Ting Tang / Walk Along Prince Buster 1965
BBEP 302 Blue Beat Millie Millie EP
BB 303 Blue Beat Dig The Dig/ Don't Let Me Cry No MoreTheo Beckford
BB 304 Blue Beat Without Love Rub-A-Dubs
BB 305 Blue Beat My Tears Ska Champions
BB 306 Blue Beat Ska War Maytals/Perhaps Skatalites
BB 307 Blue Beat Bonanza / Wonderful Life Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 308 Blue Beat I'm Looking For Love Dandy
BB 309 Blue Beat Here Comes The Bride Prince & Princess Buster / Burke's Law Prince Buster & All Stars
BB 310 Blue Beat Oh Dolly Rudy & Sketto
BB 311 Blue Beat Throw Them Away/ Baby Face Derrick Morgan
BB 312 Blue Beat Come On Come On Cosmo & Denzil
BB 313 Blue Beat Everybody Yeah Yeah Jamaica's Greatest / Gun The Man Down Busters All Stars
BB 314 Blue Beat Float Like A Butterfly / Haunted Room Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 315 Blue Beat Oh My Baby / Stop That Train Spanish Town Skabeats
BB 316 Blue Beat Sugar Pop Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 317 Blue Beat Come Home Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 318 Blue Beat Eternity Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd
BB 319 Blue Beat Hey Boy Hey Girl Dandy
BB 320 Blue Beat Soloman / Spanish Town Skabeats / Devil's Daffodil Buster All Stars
BB 321 Blue Beat My Girl / The Fugitive Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 322 Blue Beat Burn King Of Montego Bay
BB 323 Blues Beat Wicked Woman/King Joe's Ska King Joe Francis
BB 324 Blue Beat Al Capone Prince Buster / One Step Beyond Busters All Stars
BB 325 Blue Beat No One Little Darling / Congo Revolution Busters All Stars
BB 326 Blue Beat Johnny Dollar Buster's All Stars / Help! Nobody Wants To Know Terry Nelson
BB 327 Blue Beat My Babe/I'm Gonna Stop Loving You Dandy
BB 328 Blue Beat Ambition / Rygin (Ivanhoe Martin) Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 329 Blue Beat Sweeter Than Honey/You Never Know Derrick Morgan & Prince Buster
BB 330 Blue Beat Rum & Coca Cola / And I Love Her Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 331 Blue Beat I Am Alone Spanish Boys
BB 332 Blue Beat Don't Dig A Hole For Me Khandars/Skara Skatalites
BB 333 Blue Beat Captain Burke Buster's All Stars /Matilda Buster & Stranger
BB 334 Blue Beat Ten Commandments Prince Buster / Sting Like A Bee Busters All Stars
BB 335 Blue Beat Respect Prince Buster / Virginia Val Bennett & Busters All Stars 1966
BB 336 Blue Beat I Found Love/You've Got Something Nice Dandy
BB 337 Blue Beat Gloria/ Heavy Shuffle Errol Dixon
BB 338 Blue Beat Big Fight Prince Versus Duke Reid / Adios Senorita Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 339 Blue Beat Under Arrest Prince Buster / Say Boss Man Busters All Stars
BB 340 Blue Beat Bongo Jerk/ Clementine Laurel Aitken
BB 341 Blue Beat Eve's Ten Commandments Helen Fleming
BB 342 Blue Beat Cincinatti Kid / Sammy Dead Medley Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 343 Blue Beat Dont Throw Stones / Prince of Peace Coming From The East Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 344 Blue Beat You're No Good Errol Dixon
BB 345 Blue Beat When The Party Is Over Stranger Cole
BB 346 Blue Beat Mama Kiss Nat Francis & Sunsets / Tra La La Buster Jr. & The All Stars
BB 347 Blue Beat Brown Sugar Calvin Dafos
BB 348 Blue Beat Baby What's More/It Is I Allen & Milton
BB 349 Blue Beat Picket Line Buster's All Stars / I'm The Greatest Prince & Eric
BB 350 Blue Beat Jailer Bring Me Water/Careless Lover Beresford Ricketts
BB 351 Blue Beat I Love Her So/Good To Be Seen Leo Simpson
BB 352 Blue Beat Its Too Late (She's gone) / Day Of Light Prince Buster
BB 354 Blue Beat Push It Down Personalites
BB 355 Blue Beat Talkin Bout My Girl / Girl Answer Your Name Prince Buster
BB 356 Blue Beat Jericho Chain Roland Alphonso
BB 357 Blue Beat I Won't Let You Cry / Hard Man Fe Dead Prince Buster
BB 358 Blue Beat Only Soul Can Tell Dakota Jim /Call Me Master Dakota's All Stars
BB 359 Blue Beat The Prophet (Feel The Spirit) Slim Smith & Prince Buster / Lion Of Judah Busters All Stars
BB 360 Blue Beat Make Believe Winston Rhoden
BB 361 Blue Beat Just To Keep You Nat Francis / You Only Want My Money Buster Junior
BB 362 Blue Beat To be Loved Prince Buster / Set Me Free Don Drummond
BB 363 Blue Beat Blue Island Sonny Burke
BB 364 Blue Beat Schoolgirl Peter & Paul
BB 365 Blue Beat Days I'm Living Owen Gray
BB 366 Blue Beat I Wish Yor Picture Was You Lloyd Adams
BB 367 Blue Beat Meditation Girl Satchmo/ Nature Of Love The Jet Liners
BB 368 Blue Beat Jacqueline Al T. Joe
BB 369 Blue Beat Shame And Scandel Bobby Aitken
BB 370 Blue Beat Shanty Town Get Scanty Prince Buster / Seven Duppy Busters All Stars
BB 371 Blue Beat Look In Her Eyes /Love Is Strange Lloyd Clarke
BB 372 Blue Beat Sounds and Pressure/My Darling Busters All Stars
BB 373 Blue Beat Knock On Wood / And I love Her Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 374 Blue Beat Move Your Feet/Find A New baby Larry Marshall
BB 375 Blue Beat Gently Set Me Free Shirley & Rude Boys / Rocksteady Busters All Stars
BB 376 Blue Beat Three Nights Of Love Nat Francis
BB 377 Blue Beat Dark End of The Street / Love Oh Love Prince Buster
BB 378 Blue Beat Drunkards Psalm Prince Buster / Seven Wonders Of The World Busters All Stars
BB 379 Blue Beat Simpleton The Swingers & Buster's All Stars / Warn The People Francis & The Swingers
BB 380 Blue Beat Suspicion/Broken Heart Darry Marshall
BB 381 Blue Beat Somebody Is Knocking The Dewdrops & Buster's All Stars / Bye and Bye The Dewdrops & Buster's All Stars
BB 382 Blue Beat Sit & Wonder Prince Buster & The All Stars / Sunrise in Kingston Roland Alphonso & Busters All Stars
BB 383 Blue Beat You'll Be Lonely Ricos band / Sharing You Prince Buster
BB 384 Blue Beat Take It Easy / Why Must I Cry Prince Buster
BB 385 Blue Beat Oh Babe / Oh Babe Ewan & Jerry
BB 386 Blue Beat Jesse James Rides Again Bees/Red Eye Girl F.Sledge
BB 387 Blue Beat Judge Dread (Judge Four Hundred Years) Prince Buster / Waiting For My Rude Girl Fitzroy Campbell
BB 388 Blue Beat Dance Cleopatra /All On My MInd Prince Buster
BB 389 Blue Beat Sit Down & Cry Sweethearts / Tribute to the Toughest (Ghost Dance) Prince Buster
BB 390 Blue Beat Soul Serenade / Too Hot Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 391 Blue Beat Land of Imagination / The Barrister Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 393 Blue Beat Quiet Place / Rude Boys Rude Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 395 Blue Beat This Gun For Hire / Yes Daddy Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 398 Blue Beat Soul Dance Prince Buster & The Protege All Stars / This Is It Busters All Stars
BB 400 Blue Beat All On My Mind / Judge Dread Dance The Pardon Prince Buster & The All Stars
BB 401 ?
BB 402 Blue Beat Vagabond Prince Buster / Come & Get Me Busters All Stars
BB 403 Blue Beat Little Boy Blue Kingston Pete / I'm A Lover Try Me Kingston Pete & Buster's All Stars 1967

A new 2 CD set has just been issued The Story Of Blue Beat - The Best In Ska 1960 - Various Artists. It contains the first 20 releases both A/B sides plus bonus tracks from subsidiaries. It's worth noting that the music was recorded in 1960 and is a mix of early Jamaican R&B and shuffle blues not Ska which came much later.

Issued on Sunrise Records SUNRDD003 UK July 2011. Next The Story Of Blue Beat 1961 part 1. Issued Sunrise Records SUNRDD 004 UK Feb 2012.

The Story Of Blue Beat 1962 Part 1 Issued Sunrise Records SUNRDD007. The Story Of Blue Beat 1962 Part 2 Issued Sunrise Records SUNRDD005. The Story Of Blue Beat 1962 Part 3 Issued Sunrise Records SUNRDD009UK Feb/March/April 2013.

This list was last updated March 2013, if you have any corrections or additions please send an E-mail

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