Best Of The Fantastic Four


I Love You Madly

The Whole World Is A Stage

You Gave Me Something (And Everything's Alright)

I've Got To Have You

To Share Your Love

Goddess Of Love

Can't Stop Looking For My Baby

As Long As I Live (I Live For You)

Man In Love

Romeo And Juliet's "I Don't Wanna Live Without You" (Play)

Just The Lonely


This is a reissue of the original Motown album from 1969. It was issued in the USA on the Motown, Soul label and on Tamla Motown records in the UK. All the track are taken from Golden World, Ric-Tic label issued as 45's. The Fantastic Four were Sweet James Epps (lead), Joseph and Ralph Pruitt and William Hunter. Hunter was replaced by Wallace Childs. The earliest track dates from 1966 and the Fantastic Four were the biggest selling artists on the label. Every track is a gem and this CD is highly recommended. Issued on Motown UICY 75857 Japan (Limited Edition).