Eddie & Ernie

Lost Friends

1. Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do - Eddie Campbell
2. I Can't Stop The Pain - Ernie Johnson
3. Lost Friends
4. I'm Gonna Always Love You
5. A Man To Love A Woman
6. You Make My Life A Sunny Day - Phoenix Express
7. Doggone It
8. Outcast
9. We Try Harder
10. That's The Way It Is
11. Bullets Don't Have Eyes
12. In These Very Tender Moments - Ernie Johnson
13. I'm A Young Man
14. Falling Tears (Indian Drums)
15. Standing At The Crossroads
16. Reaching Out
17. Woman, What Do You Be Doing
18. Lay Lady Lay
19. The Groove She Put Me In
20. You Turn Me On
21. Tell It Like It Is
22. Self Service - New Bloods
23. It's A Weak Man That Cries - Ernie & Eddie
24. Watch Your Step - Little Worley And The Drops

This CD is highly recommended. It is a compilation of solo and duo recordings by Eddie Campbell & Ernie Johnson from the early sixties. Many tracks are released for the first time on this CD. Read and enjoy the sleeve notes by Dave Godin. Issued on Kent CDKEND 214