It's Me Classic Texas Soul 1965-72

Johnny Copeland

Disc 1

1. It's Me
2. The Invitation
3. Blowin' in the Wind
4. I'm Going to Make My Home Where I Hang My Hat
5. Dedicated to the Greatest
6. You're Gonna Reap What You Sow
7. Wake Up Little Susie
8. Mother Nature
9. I Waited Too Long
10. The Hip Hop
11. Four Dried Beans
12. Johnny Ace Medley #1: Anymore/Pledging My Love/Cross My Heart
13. Stealing
14. Something's Up Your Sleeve
15. That's All Right Little Mama
16. Coming to See About You
17. All These Things
18. Something You Got
19. It's My Own Tears That's Being Wasted
20. Slow Walk You Down
21. Danger Zone
22. If You're Looking for a Fool
23. Solo Sufferin' City (Version 2)
24. I Wish I Was Single

Disc 2
1. Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind
2. Somebody's Been Scratchin' (duet)
3. Sufferin' City (Version 2 duet)
4. Soul Power
5. Ghetto Child
6. Every Dog's Got Its Day
7. Wizard of Art
8. Dear Mother
9. You Must Believe in Yourself
10. Love Attack
11. Old Man Blues
12. No Puppy Love
13. I Waited Too Long [Demo]
14. The Hip Hop [Demo]
15. The Invitation [Demo]
16. Johnny Ace Medley #2: Cross My Heart/Saving My Love for You/Angel/Anymore [Demo]
17. Blowing in the Wind [Demo]
18. I'm Going to Make My Home Where I Hang My Hat [Demo]
19. Wake Up Little Susie [Overdubbed Version]


Johnny Copeland the blues and deep soul singer from Louisiana (later moved to Texas) has this very good 2-CD compilation of mainly Huey Meaux produced material. From labels such as Kent, Wand, Jetstream and Wet Soul. Most of his output is here apart from a hand full of tracks. CD 1 is mostly 60's recordings and CD 2 70's plus a selection of demos. Excellent compilation, booklet and notes by Tony Rounce. This 43 track CD is bound to be a collectors item. Issued on KENT CDTOP2 392