Ric-Tic Relics Vol.1

Various Artists


1.  In A Bad Way - Freddie Gorman
2.  Take Me Back - Freddie Gorman
3.  Agent 00-Soul - Edwin Starr
4.  Hungry For Love - The San Remo Golden Strings
5.  Holding Hands - Rose Batiste
6.  Please Let Me In - J.J. Barnes
7.  Back Street - Edwin Starr
8.  I'm Satisfied - The San Remo Golden Strings
9.  Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S.) - Edwin Starr
10.  Real Humdinger - J.J. Barnes
11.  To Win Your Heart - Laura Lee
12.  Feastival Time - The San Remo Golden Strings
13.  Headline News - Edwin Starr
14.  Day Tripper - Edwin Starr
15.  International Love Theme - The San Remo Golden Strings
16.  Say It - J.J. Barnes
17.  Girls Are Getting Prettier - Edwin Starr
18.  (I'm Gonna) Live Up To What She Thinks - The Fantastic Gour
19.  You're My Mellow - Edwin Starr
20.  Can't Stop Looking For My Baby - The Fantastic Four
21.  The Whole World Is A Stage - The Fantastic Four
22.  The Way You Been Acting Lately - Al Kent
23.  You Got It And I Want It - Andre Williams
24.  Meet Me Halfway - Willie "G"
25.  You've Got To Pay The Price (inst) - Al Kent
26.  You Gave Me Something (And Everything's Alright) - The Fantastic Four
27.  Let's Have A Love-In (Cause Everybody Needs Love) - The Flaming Embers
28.  As Long As I Live - The Fantastic Four

Very nice collection of the Ric Tic label owned originally by Ed Wingate before the buy out from Berry Gordy. No detailed booklet which is a pity just 28 great tracks and more to come on Vol.2. Issued on Soul World SW-103.