The Ultimate Motown Collection

Jimmy Ruffin

Disc 1
1. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted [45 Mix]
2. Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got [45 Mix]
3. I've Passed This Way Before [45 Mix]
4. Tomorrow's Tears [45 Mix]
5. It's Wonderful (To Be Loved by You)
6. I'll Say Forever My Love [45 Mix]
7. Farewell Is a Lonely Sound [45 Mix]
8. Don't You Miss Me a Little Bit Baby
9. Our Favourite Melody [45 Mix]
10. You Gave Me Love [45 Mix]
11. If You Will Let Me, I Know I Can [45 Mix]
12. Take a Letter Maria
13. Just Before Love Ends
14. On the Way Out (On the Way In)
15. Maria (You Were the Only One)
16. Gathering Memories
17. Don't Take Away My Rose Coloured Glasses
18. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
19. That's Me Lovin' You
20. Kickin' Stones
21. Thanks But No Thanks
22. It's a Desperate Situation
23. Born to Be Bad
24. (I Never Loved) Nobody But You
25. Do You Feel the Way You Make Me Feel
26. I've Got You Girl
Disc 2
1. Don't Feel Sorry for Me
2. Heart
3. Se Decidi Cosi (What Becomes of the Brokenhearted)
4. Baby I've Got It [Stereo Mix]
5. I Know How to Love Her
6. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
7. I Gotta Let You Go
8. He Who Picks a Rose
9. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
10. Lucky Lucky Me
11. Half of Your Love [#]
12. In the Neighborhood [#]
13. Love Is a Hurtin' Thing [#]
14. Shake Hands With a Dreamer [#]
15. I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You) [#]
16. More Than a Heart Can Stand [#]
17. I Love the Way She Loves Me [#]
18. I Pray You Still Love Me [#]
19. East Side West Side [#]
20. That's You Girl [#]
21. Change Your Mind [#]
22. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted [Alternative Mix With Spoken Intro]

Double CD from Motown featuring Jimmy Ruffin. Not only does it contain all of his best known work and hits. On disc 2 we are treated to 11# previously unreleased tracks! This is a must for all Jimmy Ruffin and Motown fans. Issued on CD 9812006 Motown.