Teasin' You

Willie Tee


  1. Teasin' You
2. Walking Up A One Way Street

3. Dedicated to You

4. Thank You John

5. I Want Somebody (to Show Me the Way Back Home)

6. You Better Say Yes

7. Please Don't Go

8. My Heart Remembers

9. I Heard Everything You Said

10. Ain't That True Baby

11. You Gonna Pay Some Dues

12. Foolish Girl

13. I Peeped Your Hole Card

14. She Really Did Surprise Me

15. Man That I Am

16. Teasing You Again

17.Your Love and My Love Together

18. I'm Having So Much Fun

19. Swivel Your Hips (Parts 1 & 2)

20. Close Your Eyes (live)

This CD has the Atlantic classics Wardell Quezerque's productions + tracks from Willie Tee's own Gatur label. The title track "Teasin' You" has become a New Orleans Mr Cool golden oldie together with "Thank You John" and "Walking Up A One Way Street". The rare "Teasing You Again" and "You Gonna Pay Some Dues" are also included. Making this a must have CD. Available on CD 7132 Night Train International USA.