Rio Record Label 45 Listing (UK Ska)

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R1 Derrick Morgan Blazing Fire / Everine 1963
R3 A. Martin The Party / Indeed
R4 Roy Braham Hold Me / I'm In Love
R5 Calvin Someone / Vic Brown Combo / Kentucky Home
R6 A. Martin You Came Late / Dreaming
R7 Vic Brown Combo Swanee River / Robert E. Lee
R8 Calvin Folks You'll Never Know / Is It True
R9 Alan Martin Secretly / Fame And Fortune
R10 Alan Martin Mother Brother / Tell Me
R11 Laurel Aitken Adam And Eve / Bobby Aitken / Devil Women
R12 Laurel Aitken Mary / Home Town
R13 Laurel Aitken Bad Minded Women / Life
R14 Bobby Aitken I've Told You / Please Go Back
R15 Bobby Aitken Take A Friend / Laurel Aitken / Sunshine
R16 Lloyd Clarke Love Me / Half As Much
R17 Laurel Aitken Devil Or Angle / Fire
R18 Laurel Aitken Freedom Train / Peace Perfect Peace
R19 Roy Panton Seek And You'll Find / Cherita
R20 Higgs And Wilson Deep In My Heart / Kisses
R21 Tanamo I Had A Dream / Graham / Be There 1964
R23 Lloyd Clarke Stop You're Taking / A Penny
R24 Lloyd Clarke Fellow Jamaican / Patrick And George / My Love
R25 Roy Braham Troubles / London Town
R26 W. Samuals Follow / I'm So Glad
R27 Stranger Cole Hush Baby / Stranger And Ken / Last Love
R28 Charles Organaire Little Village / It Happen's On A Holiday
R29 Higgs And Wilson Love Not For Me / Gone Yesterday


R32 King Edward's Group He's Gone Ska / Shenley Duffus / I'm A Lonely Boy
R33 Roy Panton You Don't Know Me / Edward's All Stars / Dr No
R34 Bobby Aitken Rolling Stone / Lester Stirling / Man About Town
R35 Laurel Aitken Rock Of Ages / The Mule
R36 Laurel Aitken Bug-A-Boo / You Left Me Standing
R37 Laural Aitken John Saw Them Coming / Jericho
R38 Cornell Campbell Gloria / I'll Be True
R39 Eric Morris Little District / True And Just
R40 Bobby Aitken Garden Of Eden / Whiplash
R41 Shandly Duffus I Will Be Glad / Heariso
R42 Lord Brisco Fabulous Eyes / What You See
R43 Dotty And Bonny I'm So Glad / Douglas Brothers Got You On My Mind
R44 Little Luman Hurry Hurry / R.Alphonso / Hucklebuck
R45 Little George With Edwards All Stars Mary Ann / Blue Night
R46 Patrick Edwards All Stars Iron Curtain / Easy To Remember
R47 The Bellstars When I Feel So Lonely / You're The Girl
R48 Eric Morris Live As A Man / Man Will Rule
R50 Bobby Aitken Little Girl / Together
R51 Shawn Elliot Shame And Scandal In The Family / My Girl
R52 Shenley And Lunan Something Is On My Mind / Bobby Aitken / The Rain Came Tumbling Down
R53 Laurel Aitken
Mary Don't You Weep / I Believe
R54 Laurel Aitken Mary-Lou / Jump And Shout 1965
R55 The Survivors Take Charge / Skaology
R56 Laurel Aitken Ring Don't Mean A Thing / One More Time
R57 Douglas Brothers Valley Of Tears / Where Do I Turn
R58 Roland Alphonso Jazz Ska / Hyacynth / Oh Gee
R59 Brook Brothers I'm Free / How Many Times
R60 Laurel Aitken Come And Let Us Go / Seven Lonely Nights
R61 Baba Brooks Shank J. Sheck / Shenley And Hyacynth / Set Me Free
R62 Andy And Clyde Never Be A Slave / Magic Is Love
R63 Douglas Brothers Down And Out / Ronald Wilson / Lonely Man
R64 Bobby Aitken Mister Judge / Binz / Times Have Changed
R65 Laurel Aitken Let's Be Lovers / I Need You
R66 Alan Martin Must Know I Love You / Vic Brown's Combo / Rio Special
R67 Alan Martin Sweet Rosemarie / The Honeysuckers / Banjo Man
R68 Alan Martin Why Must I Cry / Shirley I Love You
R69 Andy And Clyde Lonesome / Winston Stewart / Day After Day
R70 The Upsetters Walk Down The Aisle / So Bad
R71 Andy And Clyde We All Have To Part / The Upsetters / Scandalizing
R72 Eric Morris I Wasn't Around / By The Sea
R74 Alan Martin Since I Married Dorothy / You Promised Me
R75 Chubby And The Honeysuckers
Emergency Ward / Len And The Honeysuckers / One More River
R76 Chubby And The Honeysuckers Come On Home / What Shall I Do
R77 Edwards All Stars North Coast / Kingston II
R78 The Charmers You Don't Know / Cornell And Roy / Sweetest Girl
R79 Ernel Braham Musical Fight / Edwards All Stars / Pipeline 1966
R80 Shenley And Hyacinth World Is On A Wheel / Roy And Cornell / Salvation
R90 King Joe Francis And The Hi-Jackers Have Me Baby / Everybody's Got To Know
R91 Laurel Aitken How Can I Forget You / I've Been Weeping And Crying
R92 Laurel Aitken Baby, Don't Do It / That Girl
R93 The Blues Blenders Girl Next Door / Leave Me Out
R94 King Joe Francis Days Are Lonely / My Baby
R96 Alan Martin Rome Wasn't Built In A Day / I'm Hurt
R97 Laurel Aitken We Shall Overcome / Street Of Glory
R98 Charms Everybody Say Yeah / The World Is Yours
R99 Laurel Aitken Clap Your Hands / Revival
R100 The Uniques Journey / Tommy McCook And The Supersonics / Jerk Time
R101 Tommy McCook And The Supersonics Out Of Space / The Uniques / Do Me Good
R102 The Pioneers Good Nannie / Doreen Girl
R103 Tommy McCook And The Supersonics Ska Jam / Smooth Sailing
R104 The Heptones Gunmen Coming To Town / Tommy McCook And The Supersonics / Riverton City
R105 The Rulers Don't Be A Rude Boy / Be Good
R106 The Pioneers With The Ramblers
Never Come Running Back / Give Up
R107 The Rulers Copasetic / Too Late
R108 Rita Marley Pied Piper / Its Alright
R109 Errol Dunkley Love Me Forever / The Vietnam All Stars / The Toughest
R110 The Etheopians Owe Me No Pay Me / The Sharks / I Wouldn't Baby
R111 Dion Cameron And The Three Tops
Lord Have Mercy / Get Ready
R112 The Clarendonians Rudie Bam Bam / Be Bop Boy
R113 Dawn Tenn (Penn) Long Days, Short Nights / Are You There
R114 The Etheopians I'm Gonna Take Over Now / Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Bros / Home Made
R115 The Clarendonians Musical Train / Lowdown Girl
R116 The Wailers Dancing Shoes / Don't Look Back
R117 Jackie Opel I Am What I Am / Jackie Mittoo And The Skatalites / Devil's Bug
R118 The Soul Bros Crawfish / Rita Marley / You Lied
R119 Hortense And Delroy
We're Gonna Make It / The Soul Bros / Ska Shuffle 1967
R120 Soul Boys Rudie Get Wise / Jackie Opel / I Don't Want Her
R121 The Soul Bros T.N.T. / Marcia Griffiths / Mr. Everything
R122 Derrick Morgan Cool Off Rudies / Take It Easy
R123 Jackie Mittoo Got My Bugaloo / The Ethiopians / What To Do
R124 Winston Richards Studio Blitz / Don't Give Up
R125 The Gaylads Put On Your Style / Soul Brothers / Soul Serenade
R126 The Etheopians Dun Dead A'Ready / Bob Andy / Stay In My Lonely Arms
R130 The Etheopians Train To Skaville / You Are My Girl
R131 Errol Dunkley With Lynn Taitt Band
You're Gonna Need Me / Seek And You'll Find
R132 The Rulers Wrong Emboyo / Why Don´t You Change
R133 The Creations Meet Me At Eight / Searching
R134 The Soul Leaders With The Carib Beats
Pour On The Sauce / Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
R135 The Rulers Well Covered / Help Time
R136 Carl Dawkins Running Shoes / All Of A Sudden
R137 C Dawkins With The Carib Beats Hard Time / Baby I Love You
R138 The Rulers Be Mine / C Dawkins / Hot And Sticky
R139 Primo And Hopeton
Your Safe Keep / Loving And Kind
R140 The Kingstonians Winey Winey / I Don't Care
R700 The Survivors Rawhide / Owen Gray / Girl I Want You
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