Lloyd Brevett and the Skatalites
African Roots

  1. Steam In The Meadow
  2. Rock Bottom
  3. Candle Light
  4. Candle Light Dub
  5. Fugitive
  6. Fugitive Dub
  7. Jumbo Malt
  8. Seven Seal
  9. African Roots
  10. Herb Challis
  11. Just Cool (Cornerstone)
  12. Japan Special
  13. Space Light
  14. Rock With Me Baby
Recorded mid 70's in Jamaica produced by Skatalites bass player Lloyd Brevett, it is interesting to see how the music has developed with some outstanding tracks of Reggae, musicians include most of the original Skatalites. Tracks 11-14 are bonus tracks. Issued on Moon Ska Records CD MR104 NY.USA.