From Jamaica With Reggae

Justin Hinds And The Dominoes

justin hinds cd cover


1. Carry Go Bring Come
2. Whatever You Need (Aka If It’s Love You Need)
3. Here I Stand (Alternate Version)
4. Do All The Good (Aka Once A Man)
5. You Don’t Know
6. On The Last Day
7. Sinners (Where You Gonna Hide)
8. Drink Milk (Alternate Version)
9. The Little You Have
10. Hey Mama (Aka A Cock Mouth Kill Cock)
11. Oh What A Feelings (Aka A Whole Lot Of Feeling)
12. Teach The Youth

Bonus Tracks

13. Mighty Redeemer
14. Save A Bread
15. Mother Banner
16. You Should’ve Known Better
17. The Higher The Monkey Climbs
18. Rub Up Push Up
19. On A Saturday Night
20. Botheration
21. Sufferation 1969
22. Say Me Say
23. Peace And Love
24. Warm Up
25. Rig-Ma-Roe Game
26. Wipe Your Weeping Eyes


back button An interesting CD issued on Doctor Bird by Justin Hinds (7/5/1942 - 16/3/2005) who was a Jamaican ska vocalist, the Dominoes consisting of Dennis Sinclair and Junior Dixon his backing vocalists. The CD is taken from the High Note LP From Jamaica With Reggae + 14 added bonus tracks, some new to CD.  Justin Hinds is best known for his work with record producer Duke Reid at Treasure Isle Records, where his most notable song, "Carry Go Bring Come" recorded in late 1963, went to number one in Jamaica. Major Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae hits that included ‘Carry Go Bring Come’, ‘Rub Up, Push Up’, 'The Higher The Monkey Climbs', ‘Here I Stand’, ‘Save A Bread’, ‘Drink Milk’ and ‘Mighty Redeemer’. He recorded seventy singles between 1964 and 1966, and was the most popular artist on the record label. Compiled by Laurence Cane-Honeysett with 45 label scans. Issued on Doctor Bird DBCD-09