Gay Feet

Every Night


Baba Brooks and his Band

& Various Artists

gay feet cd cover
1. Every Night – Joe White & Chuck
2. 1st Session – Baba Brooks
3. By The Sea – The Saints
4. Mosquito Jump Up – Baba Brooks
5. Hold Your Head In Front – Joe White & Chuck
6. Bugle Boy – Baba Brooks
7. Faberge – Baba Brooks
8. Heartaches – The Techniques
9. What Must I Say – Claudelle Clarke
10.Pretty Boy – Baba Brooks
11.What Love Can Do – The Techniques
12.Ki Salaboca – Baba Brooks

Bonus Tracks

13. The Scratch – Granville Williams
14. Lollipop Tonight – Ken Boothe & Roy Shirley
15. Cocktails For Two – Sammy Ismay
16. King Size – Baba Brooks
17. One Nation – Joe White & Chuck
18. Lavender Blue (Blues) – Baba Brooks
19. Open The Door – Baba Brooks
20. Brown Eyes – The Saints
21. Maureen – Roy Richards
22. The Jerk - Granville Williams
23. Musical Sermon - Baba Brooks

back button This is the first ever CD with a credit and photo of Baba Brooks on the cover! First ever reissue of a hugely collectable album. Some tracks new to CD (The Jerk - Granville Williams) and well worth the purchase price. This track seems average at the start, until the hammond organ kicks in, then WOW! Originally, issued in 1966 as a Gay Feet LP on UK Doctor Bird records. All tracks produced by Sonia Pottinger at the Federal recording studio in Jamaica. Eleven bonus tracks and ten instrumental tracks by Baba Brooks and his Band. Interesting booklet with notes by Mike Atherton, with photos and label scans. Highly recommended. Issued on Doctor Bird DBCD-06