The Keyboard King At Studio One

jackie mittoo cd cover
  1. Get Up And Get It
  2. Black Organ
  3. Killer Diller
  4. Totally Together
  5. Hot Tamale
  6. Reggae Rock
  7. Oboe
  8. Juice Box
  9. Summer Breeze
  10. Drum Song
  11. P. Cafe
  12. Henry The Great
  13. Stereo Freeze
  14. Wall Street
  15. Darker Shade Of Black
back button This is a new CD by Jackie Mittoo comprising of 15 tracks on a UK label. Over half are available on other CD's and will be known to most Mittoo fans and collectors. Most are reggae and later instrumental works apart from "Summer Breeze" a Jackie Mittoo vocal. "Totally Together" which has some vocal sections. "Killer Diller", driving Ska, for those that don't have this track, is worth the cover price alone. It is very nicely packaged together with a booklet and CD sleeve insert. Available on Universal Sound USCD8.