Prince Buster
King Of Ska

prince buster king of ska cd cover
  1. Don't Throw Stones
  2. Linger On
  3. Madness
  4. God Son
  5. Enjoy It (Enjoy Yourself)
  6. Ska Town
  7. Mr. Prince Buster (Version of call me Mister)
  8. 7 Wonders Of The World
  9. Down Beat Burial
  10. Fire Stick
  11. Couny Machukie
  12. Almost Like Being In Love
  13. Super Charge
  14. Jack the Ripper
  15. Forresters Hall
  16. Beat Street Jump
back button At last the rare Japanese CD (1992) compiled by Gaz Mayall has been issued in the UK. No sleeve notes only two poorly produced album covers on the inside of the inlay. However, it's the music that counts and that is just GREAT. Sixteen tracks most have not been seen on CD before, the quality of the recordings is excellent. "Don't Throw Stones" (note correct spelling!) start us off on a Blue Beat musical treat. Great instrumentals "Down Beat Burial" "Ska Town" and the very rare "7 Wonders Of The World". This is a must for all Prince Buster fans. It's available on JET STAR PBCD11