Rare and Unreleased Ska Recordings from Federal Records Vaults 1964-1965


Various Artists


Ken Khouri cd cover 1. Blue Ska - Cavaliers
2. One Ska, One Ounce of Weed, One Beer - Clive Wilson & The Skatalites
3. One Beer, One Scotch, One Bourbon (Take 1) - Don Drummond & The Skatalites
4. Coppa - The Maytals & Don Drummond
5. My Love - Federal Singers
6. I Man - Cavaliers
7. String of Pearls - Audley Williams & His Orchestra
8. Wailin' - Granville Williams & His Orchestra
9. Love Is All I Have - Federal Singers
10. Come Along With Me - The Maytals & Don Drummond
11. What to Do - Federal Singers
12. Tribute to Ska - Cavaliers
13. Dip Them - Cavaliers
14. Third Man Theme - Granville Williams & His Orchestra
back button Another CD from Japan's Dub Store Records in Tokyo. Ska recordings from Federal records from the mid sixties. Federal Recording Studios nurtured the talents of innumerable Jamaican artists in the early sixties… this set showcases seriously sought after rarities and previously un-released tracks from Don Drummond, The Maytals , Lynn Taitt and many more. This is the only info given on the CD, inside the booklet are six pictures of blank 45's. The outstanding tracks are by The Cavaliers the band of Lynn Taitt, in particular 'Blue Ska' , a pounding ska instrumental.The Cavaliers were a touring band made up of Jackie Mittoo, Lloyd Spence, Nearlin Taitt, Lloyd Knibb, Roy Sterling, Johnny Moore, Headley Bennett, and Bobby Gaynair.  The vocalists were Honey Boy Martin, Lloyd Wilks, and Norma Fraser. Highly recommended CD. Issued on Dud Store DSR CD 026 Japan.