Last Train To Skaville

Jackie Mittoo and The Soul Brothers

last train to skaville cd cover


1. Train To Skaville
2. James Bond
3. Voodoo Moon
4. Ska Shuffle
5. Take Ten
6. Chicken and Booze
7. Honey Pot
8. Mr Flint
9. Dr Ring Ding
10. Got My Boogaloo
11. From Russia With Love
12. Ska-culation
13. Home Made
14. Sufferer's Choice
15. One Stop
16. Hot and Cold

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I always thorough that it was Roland Al or Alphonso and the Soul Brothers! All tracks from Studio One and dominated by Jackie Mittoo and his organ, with one vocal track. Its a pity that half of the tracks are available on other CD's issued in the main by Heartbeat USA. Having said that it is a nice compilation of the Soul Brothers tracks on one disk. "Sufferer's Choice" previously credited to the Skatalites. The tracks that are new to CD are Voodoo Moon, Take Ten, Chicken Booze, Honey Pot, Home Made and One Stop. Soul Jazz get ten out of ten for the presentation and art work. This CD issued on Soul Jazz Records SJR CD80