Music Is My Occupation

Various Artists

  1. Magic Tommy McCook
  2. Twelve Minutes To Go Tommy McCook
  3. Green Island Don Drummond
  4. Musical Store Room Don Drummond
  5. Vitamin A Baba Brooks
  6. Strolling In Tommy McCook
  7. River Banks Parts 1 & 2 Baba Brooks
  8. Silver Dollar Tommy McCook
  9. Dr Decker Baba Brooks & Don Drummond
  10. Eastern Standard Time Don Drummond
  11. Yard Broom Tommy McCook
  12. Music Is My Occupation Tommy McCook & Don Drummond
  13. Apanga Tommy McCook
  14. Don De Lion Don Drummond & Tommy McCook
  15. Guns Fever Baba Brooks
The above are all instrumentals, produced by Duke Reid during 1962-1995, true Jamaica Ska. Issued on Trojan CDTRL 259.