Blue Beat Singles Listing Part 1

BB 1

Boogie Rock / Heavenly Angel

Laurel Aitken & The Boogie Cats 1959

BB 2

Dumplings / Kissing Girl

Byron Lee & The Dragonairs 1960

BB 3

When You Tell Me / When You Tell Me Baby

Higgs & Wilson

BB 4

Lollypop Girl / Dearest Darling

Jiving Juniors

BB 5

My Heart's Desire / I Love You

Jiving Juniors

BB 6

Worried Over You / Everything Will Be Alright

Keith & Enid

BB 7

Fat Man / I'm Gonna Leave You

Derrick Morgan

BB 8

Cutest Little Woman / Running Around

Owen Gray

BB 9

Album Of Memory / Why Did You Leave Me

Magic Notes

BB 10

Judgment Day / Jennie Is Back

Laurel Aitken

BB 11

Send Me / People Will Say We're In Love

Keith & Enid with Trenton Spence & His Group

BB 12

Don't Cry / I Pray For You

Derrick Morgan & The Ebonies

BB 13 ? probably not issued

BB 14

Judgement Day / Yea Yea Baby

Laurel Aitken with Ken Richards & His Harmonisers

BB 15

Easy Snappin' / Goin' Home

Clue J Blues and his Blues Blasters

BB 16

Time To Pray / Love You Baby

The Mellow Larks with Clue J Blues Blasters

BB 17

Muriel / Silky

Alton & Eddie Clue J Blues Blasters

BB 18

Lover Boy / Oh My!

Derrick Morgan with Duke Reid and His Group

BB 19

Till The End Of Time Chuck & Dobby / What Makes Honey Duke Reid & His Group

BB 20

Baby What You Done Me Wrong / Go Pretty Baby Go

Bobby Kingdom and The Blue Beats

BB 21

Shocking / Blue And Sentimental

Lynn Hope

BB 22

Railroad Track / Tell Me Darling

Laurel Aitken and The Blue Beats

BB 23

Cool School / The Joker

Chuck & Dobby Duke Reid's Group


BB 24

I Wanna Love / Duke's Cookies

Jivin Juniors Duke Reid's Group

BB 25

More Whiskey / Parapinto Boogie

Laurel Aitken Lloyd Clarke with Duke Reid's Group

BB 26

Tonk Game / Hob-Nobbin

Hank Marr 1961

BB 27

Midnight Track / Anytime Anywhere

Errol Dixon & The Blue Beats

BB 28

Mash Mr Lee / Help Me Forget

Byron Lee & The Dragonaires

BB 29

Rock Baby / Let's Sing The Blues

The Wiggons

BB 30

Carolina / I Met A Man

Folks Brothers & Count Ossie Afro-Combo

BB 31

Now We Know / Nights Are Lonely

Derrick Morgan & With Trenton Spence & His Orchestra

BB 32

Miss Rubberneck Jones / Way Down Yonder

Titus Turner

BB 33 

Jack & Jill Shuffle / Little Lady

Theophilus Beckford with Clue J & His City Slickers

BB 34

Beat River Jordan / I Iive And I Love

Clancy Eccles with Hersan & His City Slickers

BB 35

Leave Earth / Wigger Wee Shuffle

Derrick Morgan with Clue J Blues Blasters

BB 36

Over The River / Hip Rub The

Jiving Juniors with Hersan & His City Slickers

BB 37

Lovers' Jive / Wicked & Dredful

Neville Esson Clue J & His Blues Band

BB 38

No More Wedding / Lite Of My Life

The Mellow Larks with Clue J Blues Blasters

BB 39

Blue Beat Do Du Wap / I Love My Teacher

Chuck & Dobby with Aubrey Adams and His Duproppers

BB 40

Bar Tender / Mash Potato Boogie

Laurel Aitken The Blues Busters

BB 41

Creation / Lonely Robin

Lascelles Perkins with Clue J Blues Blasters

BB 42

Lonely Boy / I'm Going Back Home

The Charmes with Hersan & His City Slickers

BB 43

Sinners Weep / Get Down

Owen Gray with Hersan & His City Slickers

BB 44

Honey Please / That's My Girl

Bobby Muir & The Blues Busters

BB 45

Satchmo's Mash Potato / Darling

Girl Satchmo & The Swinging Mashers

BB 46

Mama Shut Your Door / Too Much Whisky

Errol Dixon & The Blue Beats

BB 47

Verona / To Prove My Love

Jimmy Sinclair and the Trenton's Orchestra


BB 48

Times Are Going / I Love You Baby

Derrick Morgan& Sir Cavaliers Combo

BB 49

Ba Ba Black Sheep C.Byrd / Come Over Here

Lloyd & Cecil

BB 50

George & The Old Shoes / That's Me

Theo Beckford

BB 51

Rosabel / I'm Not Worthy


BB 52

Bouncing Woman / Nursery Rhyme Boogie

Laurel Aitken

BB 53

Humpty Dumpty / Corn Bread And Butter

Eric Morris

BB 54

Another Moses Mellow Cats / Hully Gully Rock

Roland Alphonso & his Alley Cats

BB 55

Donna / You're Driving Me Crazy

Blues Busters

BB 56

Luke Lane Shuffle Rico Rodriguez / Little Honey

Buster's Group

BB 57

Feel So Fine / Mean To Me Derrick

Morgan with Patsy Todd

BB 58

Blackberry Brandy / Marjorie

Roland Alphonso

BB 59

Oh Fanny / Running Around

Chuck & Dobby

BB 60

Little Willie / Pine Juice Clue J & His Blues Blasters

BB 61

In & Out The Window / Tra La Boogie

Monty & Roy Lumbago

BB 62

Shake A Leg / Golden Rule

Derrick Morgan with Drumnbago

BB 63

Sweetie Pie Monty & Roy

Green Door / Roland Alphonso

BB 64

Boss Girl / J. E. Stick With Drumbago All Stars

Cassavubu / Count Ossie Afro Combo

BB 65

Baby Please Don't Leave Me/ Let The Good Times Roll

Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd

BB 66

Hey Diddle Diddle / Sir D's Group With K. Brown

Pocket Money / Sir D's Group With Mossman And Zeddse

BB 67

Freedom / More Proof

Clancy Eccles

BB 68

Rock A Man Soul Mellow Cats / Lazy Lou

Monto & The Cyclones

BB 69

War Paint Baby / I Was Wrong

Basil Gabbidon & Busters Group

BB 70

Mighty Redeemer / Please Don't Leave Me

Laurel Aitken

BB 71

So Far Apart / Palms Of Victory

Azzie Lawrence& The Mellobeats


BB 72

Million Dollar Baby / First Time I met You

Shenley Duffas & Annette

BB 73

There's Always Sunshine / You Had It All Wrong

The Blues Busters

BB 74

My Forty Five / I've Tried Every Day

Eric Morris & Drumbago's Group

BB 75

Rocking In My Feet / Nobody Else

Owen Gray & The Jets

BB 76

Sunday Monday / Be Still

Derrick Morgan

BB 77

Spanish Town Twist / Brand New Automobile

Bobby Kingdom & The Blue Beats

BB 78

I'm Sorry Jimmy Cliff & Sir Cavaliers / Roarin' Red

Price and the Blue Beats

BB 79

Twist Around The Town / My New Honey

Girl Satchmo with Kark Rowe & The Blue Beats

BB 80

Babylon Gone / First Gone Roy

Count Ossie & His Warrikas, featuring Reco & Gaynair

BB 81

Sinners Repent & Pray Eric Morris

Now & Forever More Hortense Ellis

BB 82

Dont You Know Little Girl / Derrick Morgan

Hully Gully Basil Gabbidon & Buster's Group

BB 83

Money Cant Buy Life Eric Morris & Busters Group

True Love Alton Ellis & Buster's Group

BB 84

Brother David / Back To New Orleans

Laurel Aitken & The Blue Beats

BB 85

Come On Over / Come Back My Darling

Derrick Morgan & Busters Group

BB 86

Bad Bad Woman / Early This Morning

Errol Dixon & His Back Beats

BB 87

Walking Down King Street / Theo Beckford

The Clock Sir Dee's Group

BB 88

I'm Going Home / Lover Came Tumbling Down

Lloyd Flowers & Reco's Rhythm Group

BB 89

Are You Mine The / I'll Love You Forever

The Echoes & The Celestials

BB 90

Guilty Convict / Just Because

Rupie Edwards & Smithie's Sextet

BB 91

 Millie Girl / Headache

Derrick Morgan

BB 92

Evening Train / Take Me Home

Clive Bailey & Rico's Blues Group

BB 93

Never Never (South Virginia) /Isabella

Bobby Aitken & Busters Group

BB 94

Meekly Wait / Day In And Day Out

DerrickMorgan with Yvonne Harrison

BB 95

How Can I Be Sure / Mighty Man

Higgs & Wilson


BB 96

Sit And Cry / Do You Know

Millie & Owen Gray

BB 97

Love Not To Brag / Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd

Ducksoup / Drumbago All Stars

BB 98

Daddy / Hello Love

Kent & Jeanie

BB 99

Good Morning / Now I Know The Reason

Lloyd Clarke

BB 100

Beat In My Heart / Derrick Morgan

Kingston 13 / Bells Group

BB 101

My Sound That Goes Around / They Got to Go

Buster & The Torchlighters

BB 102

Tell Me Why Blues Busters / Done You Wrong

Blues Busters

BB 103

No Good Woman / No Good Woman

Owen Gray

BB 104

Fools Day / You're A Cheat

Lloyd Clarke

BB 105

Pick Up Your Troubles / Oh What A Smile Can Do

Eric Morris

BB 106

Oh Shirley  / Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd Sam

The Fisherman / Basil Gabido n's Group

BB 107

You Better Be Gone / I`ve Been Waiting

Beresford Rickets & The Blues Beats

BB 108

Do You Want To Jump Owen Gray and Les Dawson Combo

Keep It In Mind  / Owen Gray

BB 109

Lucille / I Love You More Every Day

Laurel Aitken 1962

BB 110

Are You Going To Marry Me? / Troubles

Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd

BB 111

Iverene / Lover Man

Basil Gabbidon

BB 112

Four Corners Of The World / Roland Alphonso

Romantic Shuffle / The Shiners

BB 113

Best Twist / Grandma-Grandpa

Owen Gray

BB 114

Crying Over You / Now You Want To Cry

The Charmers

BB 115

G.I. Lady / Going to the River

Eric Morris & Prince Busters All Stars

BB 116

Independence Day / August 1962

Prince Buster & Blue Beats

BB 217

Draw Me Nearer / Daddy’s Girl

Owen Gray

BB 118

My Happy Home / In Your Arms Dear

Roy & Patsy

BB 119

Midnight Train / Duke Reid Group

Twelve Minutes To Go / Hortense Ellis Duke Reid Group


BB 120

Sixty Days Sixty Nights / Going To Kansas City

Laurel Aitken

BB 121

Crying In The Chapel /Come Back My Lover

Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd

BB 122

Give Me A Chance / When You Walk

Lloyd Robinson

BB 123

Oh My Lover /Let's Go To The Party

Derrick Morgan with Patsy Todd

BB 124

Independence Blues / For My Love

Basil Gabbidon

BB 125

When It's Spring / True Love

Keith & Enid

BB 126

This Heart of Mine / You Cheated On Me

Al T. Joe

BB 127

Pretty / Twist So Fine Girl

Owen Gray

BB 128

Over The Hills / Lazy Woman

Eric Morris & Busters Group

BB 129

Our Melody / Going Back To Ja

Basil Gabbidon

BB 130

Should Be Ashamed / Marjorie

Derrick Morgan & Busters Group

BB 131

Have Faith In Me / I Care

Derrick Harriot

BB 132

Bringing In The Sheep / Run Away

Theo Beckford

BB 133

Time Longer Than Rope / Fake King

Prince Buster & The Band of The People

BB 135 

Love And Leave Me  / Derrick Morgan with Lloyd Clarke

Merry Twist / Derrick Morgan

BB 136

They Got To Move / I Love Her

Owen Gray with Buster Group

BB 137

Miss Peggy's Grand Daughter / Eric Morris

Megaton / Buster Group

BB 138

One Hand Washes the Other / Cowboy Comes to Town

Prince Buster & The All Stars

BB 139

Tree in the Meadow / Lizabella

Owen Grey & Busters Group

BB 140

Seven Long Years / Eric Morris

For Your Love / Busters Group

BB 141

Joybells / Going Down To Canaan

Derrick Morgan & Denzil Dennis

BB 142

Weary Wonderer / Jenny Jenny

Laurel Aitken and the Bandits

BB 143

Searching / White Christmas

Zoot Sims

BB 144

Mr Policeman / What A World

Buster & Cool


BB 145

Tonight And Evermore / Bed Of Roses

Cosmo & Denzil

BB 146

Don't Leave Me / Mum & Dad

Bobby Aitken & Tinse

BB 147

Big Mabel / Don`t Come Knocking

Owen Gray

BB 148

Jezebel / Burnette

Derrick Morgan

BB 149

She's Gone To Napoli / Have Mercy Mr. Percy

Owen Gray & Laruel Aitken

BB 150

Run Man Run Prince Buster & The All Stars My

Three Children Danny, Dane & Lorraine / Prince Buster & The All Stars

BB 151

I'm Ashamed / Settle Down

Little Willie

BB 152

Little Brown Girl / Derrick & Patsy

Mow Sen Wa / Derrick & Partner

BB 153

Lonely Blue Boy Eric Morris / Oh We

Eric Morris Prince Busters All Stars

BB 154

Over & Over / I'll Go

Roy & Millie

BB 155

Ena Mena / Since You Are Gone

Basil Gabbidon

BB 156

Don't Be Sad / Brother Joe

Girl Satchmo

BB 157

Time After Time / Done Me Wrong

The Charmers & Busters Band

BB 158

Open Up Bartender / Enjoy It

Prince Buster 1963

BB 159

I Need Your Love / You Told Me

Lloyd Robinson

BB 160

Baby Please Don't Leave Me / Hold Me

Derrick Morgan

BB 161

I'll Find Love / Basil Gabbidon & Busters Group

What You Gonna Do / Mellow Larks & Busters All Stars

BB 162

Money / Prince Buster

Little Boy's Blues / The Schoolboys

BB 163

King Duke Sir / I See Them In My Sight

Prince Buster

BB 164

Zion / Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Laurel Aitken Roddy & Sketto

BB 165

Rough And Tough / The Stranger

Mood I Am In / Duke Reid

BB 166

Goodbye Dreamboat / Please Forgive Me

Al T. Joe

BB 167

Ten Commandments / Buster's Welcome

Prince Buster


BB 168

Love Another Love / He Is My Darling

School Girls

BB 169

Fatso / Slow Boat

Al T. Joe

BB 170

Madness / Toothache

Busters All Stars

BB 171

Call My Name / Take My Heart

Derrick Morgan

BB 172

Spit In The Sky / Tell Me What

Joe Liges

BB 173

Burning Creation / Boop Busters

Prince Buster

BB 174

Little Dilly / The Joker

School Boys

BB 175

Gypsy Woman / Do Unto Others

Frank Cosmo

BB 176

Hallelujah / Helping Ages


BB 177

Patricia My Dear / The Girl I Left Behind

Derrick Morgan

BB 178

Be True / I Won't Cry

Derrick Harriott

BB 179

Reload / Far East

Don Drummond

BB 180

Three More Rivers To Cross / Prince Buster

African Blood / Busters All Stars

BB 181

Seven Nights In Rome / Love Is For Fools

Cosmo & Denzil

BB 182

Mighty Ruler / Run Old Man

Roy Panton

BB 183

Press Along / Mighty As A Rose

Zoot Sims

BB 184

Country Girl / Sweet Love

Prince Buster & Eric Derrick

BB 185

Live Up To Justice / Keith My Darling

School Girls

BB 186

Fowl Thief / Remember Me

Prince Buster

BB 187

Tears On My Pillow / You Should Have Known

Derrick Morgan

BB 188

Call Me My Pet / Give Me Your Love

Owen Gray

BB 189

Watch it Blackhead / Hello My Dear

Prince Buster

BB 190

If You Want Pardon / Higgs & Wilson

Musical Communion / Baba Brooks Orchestra

BB 191

Sonia / Together

The Marvels


BB 192

Rolling Stones / Prince Buster & The Charmers

 This Day / Rico & His Blues Band

BB 193

Golden Pen / Zoot Sims

So You Shot Reds / Eric Morris

BB 194

Little Girl / Danial Saw

The Stone / Laurel Aitken

BB 195

Miss Reamer / The Stranger Blues From The Hills

Rico & His Blues Band

BB 196

Telephone / Life Is Tough

Derrick Morgan

BB 197

Window Shopping / Sodom & Gomorrah

Prince Buster

BB 198

Was It Me / Minna Don't Deceive Me

Rudy & Sketto

BB 199

Spider & Fly / Blind Mice

Prince Buster

BB 200

Wash All Your Troubles Away / Prince Buster

Soul of Africa / Rico & His Bluebeats