Hi Records Issued on UK London Records

Hi releases on the uk LONDON label from 1960-1970 ( note: many Hi records not issued in UK)

HLU 9090 BILL BLACK COMBO White silver sands/The wheel

HLU 9156 BILL BLACK COMBO Josephine/Dry boones

HLU 9212 BILL BLACK COMBO Don't be cruel/Rollin'

HLU 9267 BILL BLACK COMBO Blue tango/Willie

HLU 9306 BILL BLACK COMBO Hearts of stone/Royal blue

HLU 9383 BILL BLACK COMBO Movin'/Honky train

HLU 9479 BILL BLACK COMBO Twist-her/My girl

HLU 9498 ACE CANNON Tuff/Sittin'

HLU 9546 ACE CANNON Blues stay away from me/Blues in my heart

HLU 9594 BILL BLACK COMBO So what/Blues for the red boy

HLU 9645 BILL BLACK COMBO Do it-rat now/Little Jasper

HLU 9745 ACE CANNON Cottonfields/Mildew

HLU 9788 BILL BLACK COMBO Monkey-shine/Long gone

HLU 9855 BILL BLACK COMBO Comin'on/Soft winds

HLU 9866 ACE CANNON Searchin'/Love letters in the sand

HLU 9903 BILL BLACK COMBO Tequila/Raunchy

HLU 9913 GENE SIMMONS Haunted house/Hey hey little girl

HLU 9925 BILL BLACK COMBO Little Queenie/Boo-ray

HLU 9926 WILLIE MITCHELL 20-75/Secret home

HLU 9933 GENE SIMMONS The dodo/The jump

HLU 10004 WILLIE MITCHELL Everything is gonna be alright/That Driving beat

HLU 10039 WILLIE MITCHELL Bad eye/Sugar T

HLU 10085 WILLIE MITCHELL Mercy/Sticks and stones

HLU 10104 CHARLIE RICH Love is after me/Pass on by

HLU 10105 ACE CANNON Wonder land at night/As time goes by

HLU 10128 JERRY JAYE My girl Josephine/Five miles from home

HLU 10186 WILLIE MITCHELL Soul Seranade/Buster brown

HLU 10215 WILLIE MITCHELL Prayer meetin'/Rum daddy

HLU 10216 BILL BLACK COMBO Turn on your love light/Ribbon of darkness

HLU 10224 WILLIE MITCHELL Up hard/Beale street mood

HLU 10224 WILLIE MITCHELL Every thing is gonna be alright/Mercy

HLU 10282 WILLIE MITCHELL Young people/Kitten Corner

HLU 10300 AL GREEN You say it/Gotta find a new world