Rare Okeh Soul Singles

Major Lance Delilah/Everytime 7168* Gerald Sims Cool Breeze/There must be an answer 7183* Jimmy Church The Hurt/Only you (and you alone) 7186* Walter Jackson Thats what Mumma Say/What would you do 7189* Ted Taylor Somebody's always trying/Top of the world 7198* Major Lance Think nothing about it/Its alright (unissued) 7200* Billy Butler & Chanters My heart is hurting/Cant live without her 7201* Marlina Mars Just another dance/Is it love that really counts 7213* The Vibrations End up crying/Aint love that way 7220* The Opals I'm so afraid/Restless lover 7224* Walter Jackson Where have all the flowers gone/I'll keep on trying 7229* The Artistics This heart of mine/I'll come running 7232 *Joyce Davis Hello Heartaches, goodbye love/Along came you 7237* Tommy Tate I'm talking on pain/Are you from heaven 7242*  Billy Butler & Chanters Right Track/Boston Monkey 7245* The Chymes Bring it back home/Lets try it again 7246* Walter Jackson It's an uphill climb to the bottom/Tear from tear 7247* The Vibrations Gonna get along without you now/Forgive & forget 7249* Major Lance Investigate/Little young lover 7250* Johnny Guitar Watson South like west/Keep on loving you 7263 * Little Richard I don't want to discuss it/Hurry sundown 7264* Hank & Rover Lot To Be done/Rock Down On My Shoe 7271* The Triumphs Memories/Workin 7273* Sandi Sheldon You're gonna make me love you/Baby your mine 7277* Cookie Jackson Your good girl's gonna go bad/ Things go better with love 7279* Watson & Williams Too late/Two for the price of one 7281* Major Lance You don't want me no more/Wait till I get you 7284* Little Richard Little bit of something/Money 7286* Carl Douglas Something for nothing/Let the birds sing 7287* The Seven Souls I still love you/I'm no stranger 7289* Johnny Watson I'd rather be your baby/Soul food 7290* The Triumphs I'm coming to your rescue/The world owes me lovin 7291* The Autographs I can do it/I'm gonna show you how to love me 7293* Malcolm Hayes I can make it without you/Baby 7299* The Fundamentals I wouldn't blame ya/Let me show it to you 7301* Ken Williams Come back/Baby if you were gone 7303* Margie Joseph Why does a man have to lie/See me 7304* Johnny Robinson Gone but not forgotten/I need your love so bad 7307* Detroit City Limits Ninety eight cents plus tax/Honey chile 7308* Sandra Phillips I wish I had know/Hoping you'll come back 7310* Little Foxes So glad your love don't change/Love made to order 7312* Ernie Lucas Love thief/What would I do without you 7315* The Tan Geers What's the use of me trying/Let my heart & soul be free Major Harris Call me tomorrow/Like a rolling stone 7327 *The Carstairs He who picks a rose/Yesterday 7329* The Cheers Take me to paradise/I made up my mind 7331* The Johnny Otis Show The watts breakaway/You can depend on me 7332* Azie Mortimer You can take it away/One way love 7336*