Right On Record Label

RO 101 Your Autumn Of Tomorrow / Uncle Funk The Crow

RO 102 You Don't Mean Me No Good / I'm Hip To You The Jelly Beans

RO 103 Keep On Hustling Baby / Keep On Hustling Baby (Instrumental) Sam Nesbitt

RO 104 Disco Boogie Woman (Part 1) / Disco Boogie Woman (Part 2) Rozaa And Wine

RO105 I See Your Name / I See Your Name (Instrumental) Chris Bartley

RO 106 Come Back (Part 1) / Come Back (Part 2) Fantastic Puzzles

RO 107 We Got Love / We Got Love (Adult version) Sandra Phillips

The Right On! record label was Dave Godin's third and final label. Issued by PYE records it was set up in the summer of 1975, by the hot dry summer of 1976 it had ended in failure. The first release was Your Autumn Of Tomorrow by The Crow which was played heavily on the Northern Soul club scene. Come Back by the Fantastic Puzzles was probably the most successful record. Originally on the USA New Moon label it was also popular on the Northern soul scene and has been issued on many labels since the mid seventies. Sandra Phillips was the last artist to be relesed. From Mullins, South Carolina, she moved to New York to start her musical career in 1966. She released her first 45 on the Broadway label, a subsidary of Juggy Murry's Sue records. She signed to Canyon records in 1970 where Swamp Dogg produced her Too Many People In Bed, very collectable deep soul album. Without much airplay We Got Love did not sell well. In all the label had seven records released, sales were small and today these records are hard to find.