Stateside Records Singles Listing Part 1

Part 1 1962-1964

SS 102

Chuck Jackson

Any Day Now/The Prophet

SS 103

Jimmy Soul

Twisin' Matilda/I Can Hold Out Any Longer

SS 112

Isley Brothers

Twist And Shout/Spanish Twist

SS 114

Don Gardener & Dee Dee Ford

I Need Your Loving/Tell Me

SS 119

The Shirells

Welcome Home Baby/Here Comes The Bride

SS 121

Jerry Butler

Make It Easy On Yourself/It's Too Late

SS 126

Bobby Lewis

I'm Tossin' & Turnin' Around/Nothin' But The Blues

SS 127

Chuck Jackson

I'll Keep Forgettin'/Who's Gonna Pick Up The Pieces

SS 129 

The Shirells

Stop The Music/It's Love That Really Counts

SS 131

Don Gardener & Dee Dee Ford

Don't You Worry/I'm Coming Home To Stay

SS 132 

Isley Brothers

Twistin' With Linda/I Can't Hold You Any Longer

SS 133

The Jive Five

What Time Is It/Begging You Please

SS 140

Little Esther Phillips

Release Me/Don't Feel Rained On

SS 142

Les Cooper & the Soul Rockers

Wiggle Wobble/Dig Yourself

SS 146

The Tams

Untie Me/Dissillusioned

SS 150 

Gabriel & Angels

That's Life/Don't Wanna Twist No More

SS 152

The Shirelles

Everybody Loves A Lover/I Don't Think So

SS 153

The Earls

Remember Then/Let's Waddle

SS 157

Dionne Warwick

Don't Make Me Over/I Smiled Yesterday

SS 158

Jerry Butler

You can Run/I'm The One

SS 170

Jerry Butler

You Go Right Through Me/The Wishing Star


SS 171

Chuck Jackson

Tell Him I'm Not Home/Getting Ready For The heartbreak

SS 172

The Chiffons

He's So Fine/Oh My Lover

SS 178

Jimmy Soul

If You Wanna Be Happy/Don't Release Me

SS 180

Dee Clark

I'm A Soldier Boy/Shook Up All Over

SS 181

The Shirells

Foolish Little Girl/Not For All The Money

SS 182

The Furys

Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart/Never More

SS 184

Harmonica Fats

Tore Up/Get So Tired

SS 185

Gene Chandler

Rainbow/You Threw A Lucky Punch

SS 188

Maxine Brown

Ask Me/Yesterday Kisses

SS 191

Dionne Warwick

Wishin' & Hopin'/This Empty Place

SS 195

Jerry Butler

Whatever You Want/You Won't Be Sorry

SS 198

The Four Pennies

My Block/Dry Your Eyes

SS 202

The Chiffons

One Fine Day/Why Am I So Shy

SS 203

John Lee Hooker

Boom Boom/Frisco Blues

SS 204

Rosco Gordon

Just A Little Bit/What I would't Do

SS 205

Jimmy Reed

Shame Shame Shame/Let's Get Together

SS 206

The Five Du-Tones

Shake A Tail Feather/Divorce Court

SS 213

The Shirells

Don't Say Goodnight/I Didn't Mean To Hurt You

SS 218

Isley Brothers

Nobody But Me/I'm Laughing To Keep From Crying 

SS 222

Dionne Warwick

Make The Music Play/Please Let Him Love Me

SS 223

The Sapphires

Where Is Johnny Now/Your True Love

SS 224

The Swans

He's Mine/You Better Be A Good Girl Now

SS 227

The Jaynetts

Sally Go Round The Roses/Instrumental


SS 228


Heatwave/Love Like Yours

SS 230

The Chiffons

A Love So Fine/Only My Friend

SS 232

The Shirells

What Does A Girl Do/Don't Let It Happen To Us

SS 238

Little Stevie Wonder

Workout Stevie Workout/Monkey Talk

SS 242

Mary Wells

You Lost The Sweetest Boy/What's Easy For Two

SS 243

Marvin Gaye

Can I Get A Witness/I'm Crazy About My Baby

SS 244

Four Pennies

When The Boy's Happy/Hockaday

SS 250


Quicksand/Darling I HumOur Song

SS 251

The Marvelettes

As Long As I Know He's Mine/Little Girl Blue

SS 252

Jerry Butler

Need To Belong To Someone/Give Me Your Love

SS 254

The Chiffons

I Have A Boyfriend/I'm Gonna Dry My Eyes

SS 257

The Supremes

When The Lovelight Starts Shinning Through His Eyes/

Standing At The Crossroads Of Love

SS 259

Betty Everett

You/re No Good/Chained to your love

SS 263

The Miracles

I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying/Such Is Love

SS 267

The Sapphires

Who Do You Love/Oh So Soon

SS 268

The Hearts

Dear Baby/Instrumental

SS 272


Live Wire/Old Love

SS 273

The Marvelettes

He's A Good Guy/Goddess Of Love

SS 274

Jimmy Soul

I HateYou Baby/Change Partners

SS 275

Brother Jack McDuff

Sanctified Samba/Whistle While You Work

SS 277

Lazy Lester

I'm A Lover Not A Fighter/Sugar Coated Love

SS 278

The Temptations

The Way You Do The Things/Just Let Me Know


SS 280

Betty Everett

The Shoop Shoop Song/Hands Off

SS 282

The Miracles

The Man In You/Heartbreak Road

SS 284

Marvin Gaye

You're A Wonderful One/When I'm Alone I cry

SS 285

Little Stevie Wonder

Castles In The Sand/Thank You

SS 288

Mary Wells 

My Guy/Oh Little Boy

SS 294

The Reflections

Romeo & Juliet/Can't Tell By The Look

SS 297

John Lee Hooker

Dimples/I'm Leaving

SS 299

The Contours

Can You Do It/I'll Stand By You

SS 300

Jerry Butler

Giving Up On Love/I've Been Trying

SS 304

Jimmy Whitherspoon

Evenin'/Money Is Gettin' Cheaper

SS 305


In My Lonely Room/A Tear For A Girl

SS 307

Brenda Holloway

Every Little Bit Hurts/Land Of A Thousand Boys

SS 309

The Royaltones

Our Faded Love/Holy Smokes

SS 316

Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells

Once Upon A Time/What's The Matter With You Baby

SS 319

The Temptations

I'll Be In Trouble/The Girls Alright With Me

SS 321

Betty Everett

I Can't Here You/Can I Get To Know You

SS 322

Patty & The Emblems

Mixed Up Shook Up Girl/Ordinary Guy

SS 323

Stevie Wonder

Hey Harmonica Man/This Little Girl

SS 324

The Miracles

I Like It Like That/You're So Fine And Sweet

SS 325

Jimmy Whitherspoon

I Never Will Marry/I'm Coming Down With Thw Blues

SS 326

Marvin Gaye

Try It Baby/If My Heart Could Sing

SS 327

The Supremes

Where Did Our Love Go/He Means The World To Me

SS 330

Jimmy Reed

Shame Shame Shame/Let's Go Together

SS 331

Gene Chandler

Just Be True/Song Called Soul

SS 332

The Chiffons

Sailor Boy/When Summer's Through

SS 334

The Marvelettes

You're My Remedy/A Little Bit Of Sympathy

SS 335

Prince Buster

30 Pieces Of Silver/Everbody Ska

SS 336

The Four Tops

Boby I need Your Loving/Call On Me

SS 339

Betty Everett & Jerry Butler

Let It Be Me/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby

SS 340

Little Richard

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Goodnight Irene


Please not this list is not complete but includes most of the collectable singles.