Stateside Records Singles Listing Part 2 1964 - 1966


SS 341

John Lee Hooker

I Love You Honey/Send Me Your Pillow

SS 342

Jimmy Cliff

One-Eyed Jack/King Of Kings

SS 345

Marth and the Vandellas

Dancing In The Street/There He Is (At My Door)

SS 348

The Temptations

Why You Wanna Make Me Blue/Baby I Need You

SS 350

The Supremes

Baby Love/Ask Any Girl

SS 362

Glady's Knight & Pips

Lover's Always Forgive/Another Love

SS 352

The Miracles

That's What Love Is Made Of/Would I Love You

SS 355

Dee Clark

Heartbreak/Warm Summer Breeze

SS 357

Earl Van Dyke

Soul Stomp/Hot'N'Tot

SS 359

Kim Weston

A Little More Love/Go Ahead And Laugh

SS 360

Marvin Gaye

How Sweet It Is(To Be Loved By You)/Forever

SS 361

The Velvelettes

Needle In A Haystack/Should I Tell Them

SS 362

Jimmy Witherspoon

You're Next/Happy Blues

SS 363

Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston

What Good Am I Without You/I Want You Around

SS 364

Gene Chandler

Bless Our Love/London Town

SS 369

The Marvelettes

Too Many Fish In The Sea/A Need For Love

SS 371

The Four Tops

Without The One You Love/Love Has Gone

SS 372

Mary Wells

Ain't It The Truth/Stop Takin' Me For Granted

SS 374

Jimmy Radcliffe

Long After Tonight Is All Over/What I Want

SS 376

The Supremes

Come See About Me/Always In My Heart

SS 377

The Miracles

Come On Do The Jerk/Baby Don't You Go

SS 378

The Temptations

My Girl/Nobody But My Baby


SS 381

The Contours

Can You Jerk Like Me/That Day When She Needed Me

SS 383 

Martha & the Vandellas

Wild One/Dancing Slow

SS 384

Carolyn Crawford

When Someone's Good To You/My Heart

SS 386

Alvin Cash

Twine Time/The Bump

SS 387

The Velverlettes

He Was Really Sayin' Something/Throw A Farewell Kiss

SS 388

Gene Chandler

What Now/If You Can't Be True

SS 394

Tony Martin

Talking To Your Picture/ Our Rhapsody

SS 396

Mary Wells

Use Your Head/Everlovin'Boy

SS 399

Sammy Ambrose

Monkey See Monkey Do/Welcombe To Dreamsville

SS 400

Dee Clark

T.C.B./It's Impossible

SS 401

Gene Chandler

You Can't Hurt Me Know More/Everybody Let's Dance

SS 402

Charlie Gracie

He'll Never Love You Like I Do/Keep Your Heart Next To Your Heart

SS 403

Cannibal And The Headhunters

Lan Of 1000 Dances/I'll Show You How To Love Me

SS 404

Joe Lee Wilson

Blues For Mister Charlie/Part 2

SS 406

The Reflections

Poor Mans Son/Comin' At You

SS 407

The Ikettes

Peaches and Cream/The Biggest Players

SS 413

The Three Degrees

Gee Baby (I'm Sorry)/Do What You're Supposed To

SS 415

Mary Wells

Never Never Leave Me/Why Don't You Let Yourself Go

SS 419

Marie Knight

Cry Me A River/Comes The Knight

SS 425

Gene Chandler

Nothing Can Stop Me/The Big Lie

SS 429

Jimmy Witherspoon

Come And Walk With Me/Oh How I Love You

SS 434

The Ikettes

(He's Gonna Be Fine)Fine Fine Fine/How Come

SS 437

The Chiffons

Nobody Knows What's Goin' On In My Mind/The Real Thing


SS 439

Mary Wells

He's A Lover/I'm Learning

SS 441

Lee Dorsey

Ride Your Pony/The Kitty Kat Song

SS 450

Big Dee Irwin

You Satisfy My Needs/I Wanna Stay Right Here

SS 453

The Invitations

Hallelujah/Written On The Wall

SS 455

Ernestine Anderson

Somebody Told Me/How Many Times

SS 456

Mickey Lee Lane

Hey Sah-Lo-Ney/Of Yesterday

SS 458

Gene Chandler

Good Times/No One Can Love You (Like I Do)

SS 459

The Three Degrees

Gotta Draw The Line/Close Your Eyes

SS 460

The Toys

A Lover's Concerto/This Night

SS 461

Jimmy Witherspoon

Love Me Right/Make This Heart Of Mine Smile Again

SS 463

Mary Wells

Me Without You/I'm Sorry

SS 465

Lee Dorsey

Work Work Work/Can You Hear Me

SS 474

Clara Ward

Gonna Build A Mountain/God Bless The Child

SS 475

Betty Harris

What A Sad Feeling/I'm Evil Tonight

SS 477

Little Eva

Stand By Me/That's My Man

SS 478

The Invitations

What's Wrong With My Baby/Why Did My Baby Turn

SS 479

George Stone

Hole In The Wall/My Beat

SS 481

Mitch Ryder

Jenny Take A Ride/Baby Jane

SS 482

Christine Quaite

Long After Tonight Is All Over/I'm Hoping

SS 483

The Toys

Attack/See How They Run

SS 485

Lee Dorsey

Get Out Of My LifeWoman/So Long

SS 487

Clyde McPhatter

Everybody's Someboby's Fool/I Belong To You

SS 488

Bob Kuban & the In-Men

The Cheater/Try Me Baby

SS 489

The C.O.D.s

Michael/Cry No More


SS 491

Slim Harpo

Baby Scratch My Back/I'm Gonna Miss You (Like The Devil)

SS 495

The Sharpees

Tired Of Being Lonely/Just To Please You

SS 500

Gene Chandler

Fool For You/Buddy Ain't It A Shame

SS 502

The Toys

May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone/On Backstreet

SS 503

Jimmy Witherspoon

If There Wasn't Any You/I Never Thought I'd See The Day

SS 504

The Van Dykes

No Man Is An Island/I Won't Hold It Against You

SS 505

Jay W. King

I'm So Affaid/I Don't Have To Worry

SS 506

Lee Dorsey

Confusion/Neighbour's Daughter

SS 507

James Carr

Baby You Got My Mind Messed Up/That's What I Want To Know

SS 508

Little Richard

Holy Mackeral/Baby Doncha Want A Man Like Me

SS 511

The Platters

I Love You A 100 Times/Hear No Evil Speak No Evil

SS 512

The Chiffons

Sweet Talkin' Guy/Did You Ever Go Steady

SS 514

Bob Kuban & the In-Men

The Teaser/All I Want

SS 516

Rufus Lumley

I'm Standing/Let's Hide Away

SS 519

The Toys

Siver Spoon/Can't Get Enough Of You Baby

SS 521

Mitch Ryder

Breakout/I Need Help

SS 525

The Buena Vista

Hot Shot/TNT

SS 527

Slim Harpo

Shake Your Hips/Midnight Blues

SS 528

Lee Dorsey

Working In A Coalmine/Mexico

SS 530

The Van Dykes

I've Got To Go On Withourt You/What Will I Do

SS 531

Dean Parrish

Tell Her/Fall On Me

SS 533

The Chiffons

Out Of This World/Just A Boy

SS 534

James Carr

Sweet Dreams/Good Humour Man


SS 536

Darrell Banks

Open The Door To Your Heart/Our Love

SS 539

The Toys

Baby Toy/Happy Birthday Broken Heart

SS 543

Alvin Cash & Registers

The Philly Freeze/No Deposits No Returns

SS 544

Mighty Sam

Fannie Mae/Badmouthin'

SS 545

James Carr

Pouring Water On A Drowning Man/Forgetting You

SS 547

James & Bobby Purify

I'm Your Puppet/So Many Reasons

SS 549

Mitch Ryder

Devil With The Blue Dress/So Many Reasons

SS 550

Dean Parrish 

Determination/Turn On Your Love Light

SS 551

Ike & Tina Turner 

Goodbye So Long/Hurt Is All You Gave Me

SS 552

Lee Dorsey

Holy Cow/Operation Heartache