Stateside Records Singles Listing Part 3 1966 - 1972

SS 555

Gloria Jones

Finders Keepers/Run One Flight Of Stairs

SS 556

Inex & Charlie Foxx

No Stranger To Love/Come By Here

SS 557

Slim Harpo

I'm A King Bee/I Got Love If You Want It

SS 559

The Chiffons

Stop Look And Listen/March

SS 563

The Virginia Wolves


SS 565

The Emperor’s

Karate/T've Got Have Her

SS 566

Percy Milem

Crying Baby, Baby, Baby/Call On Me

SS 567

Clyde McPhatter

A Shot Of Rythm And Blues/I'm Not Going To Work Today

SS 568

The Platters

I'll Be Home/You've Got The Magic Touch

SS 569

Ella Fitzgerald

These Boots Are Made For Walking/Stardust

SS 578

The Chiffons

My Boyfriend's Back/I Got Plenty Of Nothin'

SS 579

Larry Banks

I Don't Wanna Do It/I'm Coming Home

SS 580

Dean Parrish

The Skate parts 1 & 2

SS 581

Slim Harpo

I'm Your Breadmaker/Loving You

SS 584

Aaron Neville

Tell It Like It Is/Why Worry

SS 585

Sammie John

Little John/Boss Bag

SS 586

Inex & Charlie Foxx

Tightrope/My Special Prayer

SS 591

Eddie Jeferson

Some Other Time/When You Look In The Mirror

SS 592

Clyde McPhatter

Lavender Lace/Sweet And Innocent

SS 593

Lee Dorsey

Rain Rain Go Away/Gotta Find A Job

SS 594


Girls Are Out To Get You/You'll Be Sorry

SS 595

James & Bobby Purify

Wish You Didn’t Have To Go/You Can't Keep A Good Man Down

SS 596

Mitch Rider

Sock It To Me Baby/Never Had It Better


SS 2001

James Carr

The Dark End Of The Street/Loveable Girl

SS 2002

The Vontastics

Lady Love/When My Baby Comes Back Home

SS 2005

Johnny Thunder & Ruby Winters

Make Love To Me/Teach Me Tonight

SS 2006

Vernon Garrett

If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time/You & Me Together

SS 2007

The Platters

With This Ring/If I Had A Love

SS 2009

Mary Love

Lay This Burden Down/Think It Over Baby

SS 2015

Betty Lavette

I Feel Good All Over/Only Your Love Ca Save Me

SS 2016

James & Bobby Purify

Shake A Tail Feather/Goodness Gracious 

SS 2017

Lee Dorsey

My Old Car/Why Wait Until Tomorrow

SS 2023

Mitch Ryder

Too Many Fish In The Sea/One Grain Of Sand

SS 2024

Spencer Wiggins

Uptight Good Woman/Anything You Do Is Alright

SS 2025

Gary U.S. Bonds

Send Her To Me/Workin' For My Baby

SS 2026

Vernon Garrett

Shine It On/Things Are Looking Better

SS 2030

Hoagy Lands

The Next In Line/Please Don't Talk About Me

SS 2033

Oscar Toney jnr.

For Your Precious Love/Ain't That True Love

SS 2037

Mitch Ryder

Joy/I'd Rather Go To Jail

SS 2038

James Carr

Let It Happen/A Losing Game

SS 2039

James & Bobby Purify

I Take What I Want/Sixteen Tons

SS 2042

The Platters

Washed Ashore/What Name Shall I Give You

SS 2045

Betty Harris

Nearer To You/12 Red Roses

SS 2046

Oscar Toney jnr.

Turn On Your Love Light/Any Day Now

SS 2048

The Esquires

Get On Up/Listen To Me

SS 2049

James & Bobby Purify

Let Love Come Between Us/I Don't Want To Have To Wait


SS 2052

James Carr

I'm A Fool For You/Gonna Send You Back To Georgia

SS 2053

The Incredibles

There's Nothing Else To Say Baby/Heart And Soul

SS 2055

Lee Dorsey

Go-Go Girl/I Can Hear You Callin'

SS 2057 

The Soul Survivors

Expressway To Your Heart/Hey Gyp

SS 2058

Linda Carr

Everything/Trying To Be Good To You

SS 2059

Moses & Joshua Dillard

My Elusive Dream/What's Better Than Love

SS 2061

Oscar Toney jnr.

You Can Lead Your Woman To The Alter/Unlucky Guy

SS 2063

Mitch Ryder

What Now My Love/Blessing In Disguise

SS 2065

Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band

Lapland/Condition Red

SS 2067

The Platters

Sweet Sweet Lovin'/Sonata

SS 2071

Ray Charles

Yesterday/Never Had Enough Of Nothing Yet

SS 2073

The O'Jays

I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow/I Dig Yor Act

SS 2076

Mighty Sam

When She Touches Me/Just Like Old Times

SS 2077

The Esquires

And Get Away/Everybody's Laughing

SS 2079

Al Green

Back Up Train/Don't Leave Me

SS 2083

The Impressions

We're A Winner/You've Got Me Running

SS 2085

Hoagy Lands

I'm Yours/Only You

SS 2087

Troy Keyes

Love Explosions/I'm Cryin' (Inside)

SS 2088

Bobbi Lynn

Earthquake/Opportunity Street

SS 2090

Ruby Winter

I Want Action/Better

SS 2092

Tyrone Davis

What If A Man/Bet You Win

SS 2093

James & Bobby Purify

Do Unto Me/Everybody Needs Somebody

SS 2094

The Soul Survivors

Explosion (In Your Soul)/Dathon's Theme


SS 2099

Ray Charles

That's A Lie/Go On Home

SS 2110

Kenny Chandler

Beyond Love/Charity

SS 2111

Mary Wells

The Doctor/Two Lover's History

SS 2112


Paying The Cost To Be The Boss/Having My Say

SS 2113

Florence Ballard

It Doesn't Matter How I Say It/Goin' Out Of My Head

SS 2114

Jean Carter

No Good Jim/And None

SS 2115

The Fashions

I.O.U (A Life Time Of Love)/When Love Slips Away

SS 2120

Ray Charles

Eleanor Rigby/Understanding

SS 2123

The Tams

Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy/That Same Old Song

SS 2126

The O'Kaysions

Girl Watcher/Deal Me In

SS 2128

Della Reese

It Was A Very Good Year/I Had To Know My Way

SS 2132

Ray Charles

Sweet Young Thing You/Listen They're Playing My Song

SS 2135

Mary Love

The Hurt Is Just Beginning/If You Change

SS 2137

The Valentinos

Tired Of Being Nobody/The Death Of Love

SS 2139

The Impressions 

Can't Satisfy/You've Been Cheating

SS 2140

The Meters

Sophisticated Cissy/Sehorn's Farms

SS 2141


Don't Waste My Time/Get Myself Somebody

SS 2149

Troy Keyes

Love Explosions/I'm Cryin' (Inside)

SS 2150

The Platters

With This Ring/If I Had A Love

SS 2155

Ray Charles

We Can Make It/I can't Stop Loving You Baby

SS 2160

Eddie Holman

(Hey There) Lonely Girl/It's All In The Game

SS 2161


The Trill Is Gone/You're Mean

SS 2162

The Isley Brothers

Was It Good To You/I Got To Get Myself Together

SS 2169


So Excited/Confessing The Blues


SS 2170

Eddie Holman

Since I Don't Have You/Don't Stop Now

SS 2178

Ray Charles

Till I can't Take It Anymore/Good Morning Dear

SS 2188

The Isley Brothers

Warpath/I Got To Find Me One

SS 2193

The Isley Brothers

Love The One You're With/He's Got Your Love

SS 2198

Henry Shed

Bend Me, Shape Me/Save The Last Dance For Me

SS 2201

The Coasters

Cool Jerk/Talkin' About A Woman

SS 2204

Jean Carter

No Good Jim/And None

SS 2205


I Got The Fever/Soul Control

SS 2207

Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon

Honey Bee/I Don't Know Why

SS 2209

Jimmy James

A Man Like Me/Survival

SS 8019

S.C.I. Youth Choir

Oh Happy Day/I'm Ready To Serve The Lord

SS 8026

Thelma Houston

Jumpin' Jack Flash/Sunflower

SS 8036

Thelma Houston

Save The Country/I Just Can't Stay Away

SS 8044

Thelma Houston

I Just Wanna Be Me/Crying In The Sunshine

SS 8050

Roy Head

Mama Mama/I'm Not A Fool Anymore