Sue Records 4000 Series Singles Listing

WI 4001

Little Richard

Without love/Dance what you wanna

WI 4002

Tommy Duncan

Dance dance dance/Let's try it over again

WI 4003

Jerry Butler

I stand accused/I don't want to hear it anymore

WI 4004

Jimmy Reed

Odds and ends/Going by the river part 1

WI 4005

Phil Upchurch

You can't sit down parts 1 & 2

WI 4006

Jimmy Hughes

Goodbye my love/It was nice

WI 4007

Elmore James

I need you/Mean mistreating Mama

WI 4008 Not issued


WI 4009

Jerry Butler

Just for you/Believe in me

WI 4010

Effie Smith

Dial that telephone parts 1 & 2

WI 4011

Ritchie Valens

La bamba/Donna

WI 4012

Billy Preston

Bill's bag/Don't let the sun catch you crying

WI 4013

The Jaybirds

Someboby help me/The right kind

WI 4014

Birdlegs & Pauline

Spring/So many ways

WI 4015

Little Richard

It ain't watcha do/Crossover

WI 4016

Thurston Harris & The Sharps

Little bitty pretty one/I hope you won't hold


WI 4017

Phil Upchurch

Nothing but the soul/Evad

WI 4018

Righteous Bros

You can have her/Justine

WI 4019

The Spidells

Find out what's happening/That makes my heart break

WI 4020

The Santells

So fine/These are love

WI 4021

Little Milton

Early in the morning/Bless your heart

WI 4022

Shades of Blue

Oh how happy/Little orphan boy

WI 4023

Lowel Fulsom

Talking woman/Blues around midnight


WI 4024

Raymond Parker

Ring around the roses/She's coming home

WI 4025

Lydia Marcelle

Another kind of fellow/I've never been hurt like this before

WI 4026

Gerri Hall

Who can I run to/Lost a key

WI 4027

Mr Dynamite

Sh'mon parts 1 & 2

WI 4028

Barbara Lynn

Letter to Mommy & Daddy/Second fiddle girl

WI 4029

Sugar Simone

Suddenly/King without a throne

WI 4030

Bob & Earl

Don't ever leave me/Fancy free

WI 4031

Danny White

Keep my woman home/I am dedicating my life


WI 4032

Don & Dewey

Soul motion/Stretchin' out

WI 4033

The Anglos

Incense/You fooling me

WI 4034

The Kelly Bros

Falling in love again/Crying days are over

WI 4035

Theola Kilgore

I'll keep trying/He's coming back to me

WI 4036

Wallace Bros

I'll step aside/Hold my hurt for a while

WI 4037

Edgewood Smith & The Fabulous Tailfeathers

Ain't that loving you/Yeah

WI 4038

Barbara Lynn

You'll lose a good thing/Lonely heartaches


WI 4039

Claudine Clark

The strenth to be strong/Moon madness

WI 4040

 Jackie Day

Before it's too late/Without love

WI 4041

Paul Martin

Snake in the grass/I've got a new love

WI 4042

John Roberts

Sockin' 1,2,3,4/Sophisticated funk

WI 4043

 O.V. Wright

What about you/What did you tell this girl

WI 4044

Bobby Bland

A touch of the blues/That did it

WI 4045

Al King

Think twice before you speak/The winner


WI 4046

Joe Matthews

Sorry ain't good enough/You better mind your ways

WI 4047

Thelma Jones

Stronger/Never leave me

WI 4048

The Lamp Sisters

A woman with the blues/I thought it was all over

WI 4049

The Fascination

Girls are out to get you/You'll be sorry