The Northern Souljers Meet Hi Rhythm CD

Various Artists

A Place in My Heart - The Appreciations

Weak & Broken Hearted - Master Keys

Talkin' About That Girl of Mine - The Persians

Confusion - Buddy Lamp

Cracked Up Over You - Lee Rogers

I Can't Get Right - Fabulous Peps

Cloudy Days - Jim Coleman

Just a Touch of Your Hand - Al Gardner

Been So Long - Lil Soul Brothers

A Place in My Heart [#] - Don Bryant

Weak & Broken Hearted [#] - Don Bryant

You've Got That Lovin' Touch - Buddy Lamp

Watch Yourself - Al Gardner

Love Can Really Hurt You Deep - Lee Rogers

So Fine - Fabulous Peps

Just a Touch of Your Hand [#] - Don Bryant

Cloudy Days [#] - Don Bryant

[#] Previously Unreleased

This CD was issued in 2006 by Tuff City records out of New York. 18 Detroit soul tracks that were recorded at the Willie Mitchell Hi Records Royal Studio in Memphis around 1965-1968. It has two soul gems from the Sir-Rah label, Cloudy Days by Jim Coleman and Just A Touch Of Your Hand by Al Gardner. Also Bubby Lamp and Lee Rogers on Wheelsville. Been So Long by Lil Soul Brothers from the Wee imprint. Don Bryant singing on what would appear to be 4 unreleased demos. Highly Recommended. Issued on Soul-Tay-Shus STS CD 6357 USA