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Links & Friends

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1. Gaylads - Let's Fall In Love
2. Ken Boothe - Can't You See
3. Melodians - Sweet Rose
4. Prince Glen - Hog In A Minty
5. Delroy Wilson - Give Love A Try
6. Ken Boothe - I Remember Someone
7. Conscious Minds - Something New
8. Gaylads - Mama Look
9. Delroy Wilson - Soul Resolution aka I'll Never Hurt You
10. Gaylads - Looking For A Girl
11. Big Joe - Sweet Melody
12. Gaylads - Aren't You The Guy
13. Melodians - It Comes & Goes
14. Randall Thaxter - Small World
15. Ken Boothe & Shorty Perry - Can't You See Version
back button More Rock Steady is the first of many CDs from the Links & Friends series by Rock A Shacka records in Japan. Links was an artists’ cooperative, formed in 1968 by The Gaylads, Ken Boothe, The Melodians, and Delroy Wilson, fed up with getting ripped off by Studio One and other recording companys. They did everything themselves hiring Dynamic & Whirl recording studios, printing up labels, organising the pressings, and distributing in person to Kingston record shops, producers, and radio stations. Many of their 45s were blanks, hand stamped with BB Seaton’s home address: ‘Links Records, 39 Wildman Street. It’s a fascinating story, and this is great Rock Steady; the first compilation of a dozen or so Links releases. Booklet by Brian Keyo provides liner notes in both English & Japanese. Issued on Rock A Shacka RSCD - 003 Japan.