Orange Street Special

Various Artists

Fabulous Songs Of Miss Sonia E Pottinger Vol. 2

orange street special cd cover 1. Orange Street Special - Bobby Aitken and The Carib Beats
2. Rudies Give Up - Lloyd and Glen
3. Fast Mouth - The Cables
4. Stop The Violence - The Valentines
5. Hot Iron - The Originators
6. Move Up - Rhythm Bop
7. Miss Cushie - Junior Soul
8. Scaramouche - Bobby Aitken and The Carib Beats
9. Let's Get Together - Johnny and The Attractions
10. Come Let Us Dance - The Conquerers
11. Play It Cool - Eric Morris
12. Seven Heaven - The Hippy Boys
13. Watch Yourself - The Originators
14. How Do You Think I Feel - The Cables
15. Cross My Heart - Johnny and The Attractions
back button Once again another worth while CD from our friends at Rock a Shack in Japan. All the tracks are taken from record producer Sonia Pottenger's mix of labels including Gay Feet S E P & LOP. Nice mix of 60's Rock Steady vocal tracks and two great instrumentals by Guitarist Bobby Aitken and The Carib Beats. Informative booklet in Japanese and English by Keith Scott. Issued on Drum & Bass records Rock A Shacka Europe DBECD 016. German