Sings His Hit Song Ten Commandments

Prince Buster

prince buster ten commandments cd cover 1. Ten Commandments
2. I Won't Let You Cry
3. Is Life Worth Living
4. Ain't That Saying A Lot
5. Here Comes The Bride
6. Girl, Answer To Your Name
7. Ten Commandments From Woman To Man
8. Wings Of A Dove
9. Smart Countryman
10. Tongue Will Tell
11. They Got To Come
back button This CD is a reissue of the original LP on the RCA label issued in 1967 by Prince Buster (usa only). It has a very nice booklet with notes by Roger Steffens. The sound quality is very good with several tracks not normally available on CD. Issued on Reel music (Sony Music) 66748-78005-2 USA.