SKA Authentic Vol.1

  1. Lee Harvey Oswold
  2. Bridge View
  3. President Kennedy
  4. Mother In-Law (Lee Perry)
  5. Musical Communication
  6. Ska In Vienna Woods
  7. You Are So Delightful
  8. Four Corners
  9. Dance The Ska (Delroy & Paulette)
  10. Teach The Ska (Lord Brynner)
  11. Scrap Iron
  12. Ball Of Fire
  13. Christine Kieler
  14. Heavens Declare (The Maytals)
  15. Ska-Ba
  16. Exodus
The definitive Studio One CD by the Skatalites. Twelve instrumental tracks and four vocals, where they are the backing band. Original Ska classics such as "Lee Harvey Oswold" "President Kennedy" (sounds remarkable like "Yeah Yeah" by Georgie Fame) "Ska In Vienna Woods" "Ball Of Fire" and "Christine Kieler". Interesting to note many of the tunes were named after infamous people. A collectors item issued on Studio One SOCD 9006 USA.