SKATALITES at the Jazz Cafe, Camden Town, London, 25 August 1999

Ticket 01
Skatalites Tour 99
Lloyd Brevett IntroductionBrass line up,Mark Berney, Cedric Brooks, Will ClarkCedric IM Brooks
Cedric IM Brooks & Lester SterlingLloyd BrevettDoreen Shaffer-Vocals
Lloyd Knibb

Lloyd Knibb holds the beat
It's summer
Tappin' feet
Ska beat drummer
Counts out the time
The Skatalites
Are back in town
Roll back the years
Smell of hash in the air
Dance, dance, dance
Without a care
Took over thirty years
To be this good
Move to the rhythm
They knew you would
Feel that electric bass
Blow Mr Skaman
Musical grace
From JA to London town
This is SKA
That they're puttin' down

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