& Friends at Randy's

  1. Black Joe-The Skatalites
  2. Rum Bumper-John & Alton
  3. Machine Shop-Don Drummond
  4. John & James-The Maytals
  5. Baby Elephant Walk-The Skatalites
  6. Home Home Home-Ken & Stranger
  7. Malcolm X-The Skatalites
  8. Mouth A Massy-Alton Ellis
  9. Portrait Of My Love-Baba Brooks
  10. Fast Mouth-Randy's All Stars
  11. A Way From It All-Don Drummond
  12. Ska Beat-Alton Ellis
  13. Hello Mother-The Skatalites
  14. Lost Penny-The Maytals
  15. Collie Bud-The Skatalites
  16. Goodbye Pretty Darling-Basil Gabbidon
  17. Royal Charlie-Charlie Organaire
  18. Blow Roland Blow-Roland Alphonso
  19. Rico Farewell-Rico Rodriques
  20. Going Back To JA-Basil Gabbidon
Very good sleeve notes and booklet by Steve Barrow, with early photographs of  the Skatalites and Friends. Produced by Vincent 'Randy' Chin with some excellent vocals of early Ska tracks. Issued on VPCD 1497 USA.