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Enterprise KoKo Respect Stax The Gospel Truth Volt Warren Weis We Produce

Condition = VG = very good EX = excellent M = mint. WOL = writing on label. Gradings are in line with Record Collecter Guide. If you get a misgraded record return it to us and we'll refund your money (including all postage). Only one copy of each in most cases.

Price in UK £ convert to any currency

Please note that all payments should be in pounds sterling, by cash, or cheques, postal orders or Eurocheques/Eurogiros made payable to M. R. Austen and which must be drawn against a British bank. (Payment may also be made in euros and US dollars cash) Cheques may need to be cleared before orders are despatched and, in any event, please allow up to fourteen days for delivery. Unfortunately it is not yet possible to accept debit or credit cards. E-mail to reserve, Orders are treated on a 'first come-first served' basis payment details sent on request We are located in London, England.

Postage and packing, all orders are sent recorded delivery and insured up to £28.(UK & Europe Only)

POSTAGE RATES - UK (first class recorded delivery)
7" single 45 = £3.00 (50p each additional record)
7" single 45 = £4.00 (£1.00 each additional record)
7" single 45 = £6.00 (£1.50 each additional record)

Record No


A side

B side




S-116 SOLD William Bell
You Don't Miss Your Water Formula Of Love Stax E £20
S-133 SOLD The Mar-Keys
Bo-Time The Dribble Stax E £15
S-141 SOLD William Bell
Monkeying Around I'll Show You
Stax E £15
S-156 SOLD The Mar-Keys Bush Bash Beach Bash
Stax E £15
S-159 SOLD Wendy Rene
Bar-B-Q Young And Foolish
Stax E £25 White Demo
S-161 SOLD Booker T. & The MG's
Can't Be Still Terrible Thing Stax VG £8
S-166 SOLD The Mar-Keys
Banana Juice The Shovel
Stax E £10
S-167 SOLD Rufus Thomas Baby Walk Little Sally Walker
Stax E £6
S-172 SOLD Carla Thomas
Stop ! Look What You're Doing Every Ounce Of Strength
Stax VG £8 Drill Hole
S-174 SOLD William Bell Crying All By Myself Don't Stop Now
Stax E £12
S-176 SOLD Rufus & Carla Thomas
When You Move You Lose We're Tight
Stax E £10
S-177 SOLD The Premiers Make It Me You Make A Strong Weak Girl
Stax E £15
S-180 SOLD Sam & Dave
You Don't Know Like I Know Blame Me (Don't Blame My Heart)
Stax E £8
S-182 SOLD Booker T. & The MG's Be My Lady Red Beans And Rice
Stax E £12
S-186 SOLD Johnnie Taylor I Had A Dream Changes
Stax E £10
S-191 SOLD William Bell
Marching Off To War Share What You Got
Stax E £12
S-192 Mable John
Your Good Thing (Is About To End) It's Catching
Stax VG £8
S-193 SOLD Johnnie Taylor I Got To Love Somebody's Baby Just The One I've Been Looking For
Stax E £10
S-194 SOLD Eddie Floyd
Knock On Wood Got To Make A Comeback
Stax E £8
S-197 SOLD Albert King
Oh, Pretty Woman Funk-Shun
Stax VG £8 WOL
S-200 SOLD Rufus Thomas Sister's Got A Boyfriend Talking 'Bout True Love Stax VG £8
S-212 SOLD William Bell Everybody Loves A Winner You're Such A Sweet Thang Stax VG £10
S-232 SOLD The Astors
Daddy Didn't Tell Me More Power To You
Stax VG £10 WOL
S-235 SOLD Johnnie Taylor Somebody's Sleeping in My Bed Strange Things (Happening In My Heart)
Stax E £10
S-237 SOLD William Bell Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday Ain't Got No Girl
Stax E £10
S-238 Johnnie Daye
What I'll Do For Satisfaction I Need Somebody
Stax E £30 Green Label small black felt tip pen mark on A side
S-240 SOLD Rufus Thomas Down Ta' My House Steady Holding On Stax E £6 Drill Hole
S-245 SOLD Ollie & The Nightingales I Got A Sure Thing Girl You Have My Heart Singing
Stax E £8
S-247 SOLD Johnnie Taylor Next Time Hello Sundown
Stax E £4 Drill Hole
STA-0004 SOLD Johnnie Daye Stay Baby Stay I Love Love
Stax M £15
0008 SOLD The Soul Children
Give 'Em Love Move Over
Stax M £10 White Demo
0018 SOLD The Soul Children I'll Understand Doin' Our Thang
Stax M £6
0021 SOLD The Epsilons
The Echo Really Rockin' Stax M £20
0023 SOLD Johnnie Taylor Take Care Of Your Homework Take Care Of Your Homework Stax M £10 White Demo
0025 Eddie Floyd
I've Got To Have Your Love Girl I Love You
Stax VG £4 Marks on label
0028 SOLD Booker T. & The MG's Time Is Tight Johnny I Love You
Stax M £5
0029 SOLD The Mar-Keys Double Or Nothing Knock On Wood
Stax M £6
0036 SOLD Eddie Floyd Don't Tell Your Mama Consider Me
Stax VG £4 Labels reversed
0045 SOLD Ollie & The Nightingales I've Got A Feeling You'll Never Do Wrong
Stax M £8
0050 SOLD The Soul Children The Sweeter He Is Pt.I The Sweeter He Is Pt. II
Stax M £6
0054 SOLD William Bell
Born Under A Bad Sign A Smile Can't Hide
Stax M £6
0068 SOLD Johnnie Taylor Steal Away Friday Night Stax M £10
0070 SOLD William Bell Lonely Soldier Lonely Soldier Stax M £10 White Demo Stereo
0074 SOLD The Staple Singers Brand New Day God Bless The Children
Stax M £5
0076 SOLD The Nightingales You're Moving Much Too Fast Don't Let A Good Thing Go
Stax M £6
0077 Eddie Floyd
Best Years Of My Life My Little Girl
Stax M £6
0078 SOLD Johnnie Taylor I Am Somebody Pt.I I Am Somebody Pt.II Stax M £6
0079 SOLD Rufus Thomas
(Do The) Push And Pull Pt.I (Do The) Push And Pull Pt II
Stax M £6
0080 SOLD Carla Thomas I Loved You Like I Love My Very Life Hi De Do
Stax M £6
0081SOLD Proud As Punch
So Easy To See If You Look Into My Eyes Stax M £4
0083 SOLD The Staple Singers
Love Is Plentiful Heavy Makes You Happy
Stax M £5
0084 SOLD The Staple Singers Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas ditto (instrumental) Stax M £4
0085 Johnnie Taylor Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone A Fool Like Me Stax M £8
0086 The Soul Children
Let's Make A Sweet Thing Sweeter Finish Me Off
Stax M £6
0087 SOLD Eddie Floyd When My Baby Said Goodbye Oh, How It Rained Stax M £6
0088 SOLD Jean Knight
Mr Big Stuff Why I Keep Living These Memories
Stax M £5
0089 Johnnie Taylor I Don't Wanna Lose You Party Life
Stax M £8
0090 Rufus Thomas
The World Is Round I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
Stax M £6
0091SOLD The Nightingales I Don't Want To Be Like My Daddy Just A Little Overcome
Stax M £6
0092 William Bell
A Penny For Your Thoughts Till My Back Ain't Got No Bone
Stax M £6
0093 SOLD The Staple Singers
You've Got To Earn It I'm A Loser
Stax M £5
0107 SOLD The Nightingales
Don't Do It/I'm With You Can't Get Away
Stax M £8
0109 Eddie Floyd
Yum Yum Yum (I Want Some) Tears Of Joy
Stax M £5
0110 SOLD Calvin Scott
A Sadness For Things Goin' Back To Eden
Stax M £10
0111 Little Milton
I'm Living Off The Love You Give That's What Love Will Make You Do
Stax M £10
0115 Black Society
Look Around You Happy Human People
Stax M £6
0116 Jean Knight
Carry On Call Me Your Fool (If You Want To)
Stax M £8
0117 Frederic Knight
I've Been Lonely For So long Lean On Me
Stax M £5
0118 SOLD Annette Thomas
Nothing Is Everlasting Hang On
Stax M £6
0119 The Soul Children Hearsay Don't Take My Sunshine Stax M £8
0120 SOLD Sons Of Slum
Right On What Does It Takes To Turn You On
Stax M £4
0121 SOLD Albert King
Angel Of Mercy Funky London
Stax M £6
0122 Johnnie Taylor
Doin' My Own Thing Pt I Doin' My Own Thing Pt.II
Stax M £8
0123 SOLD Veda Brown
Living A Life Without Love Take It Off Her And Put It On Me Stax M £6
0124 Little Milton
Before The Honeymoon Walking The Back Streets And Crying
Stax M £8
0125 SOLD The Staple Singers
I'll Take You There I'm Just Another Soldier
Stax M £5
0126 Harvey Scales
What's Good For You I Wanna Do It
Stax M £20
0127 Mel & Tim
Starting All Over Again It Hurts To Want It So Bad
Stax M £6
0128 SOLD William Bell
Save Us If You Really Love Him
Stax M £6
0129 Rufus Thomas
6-3-8 Love Trap
Stax M £6
0130 SOLD Stephan
Keep On Loving Me Wings And Wheels
Stax M £5
0131 March Wind
Do The Sweetback All The Way Down
Stax M £10
0132 The Soul Children
Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness Just The One I've Been Looking For
Stax M £8
0133 Carla Thomas
Sugar You've Got A Cushion To Fall On
Stax M £8
0134 SOLD Eddie Floyd
You're Good Enough (To Me Baby) Spend All You Have On Love
Stax M £6
0135 SOLD Albert King
I'll Play The Blues For You Pt.I I'll Play The Blues For You Pt.II
Stax M £6
0136 SOLD Jean Knight
Helping Man Pick Up the Pieces
Stax M £8
0137 SOLD The Staple Singers
This World Are You Sure
Stax M £5
0138 SOLD Sons Of Slum
What Goes Around The Man Stax M £4
0139 SOLD Frederick Knight
Trouble Friend
Stax M £4
0140 SOLD Rufus Thomas Itch And Scratch Pt.I Itch And Scratch Pt.II
Stax M £6
0142 Johnnie Taylor
Stop Doggin' Me Stop Teasin' Me
Stax M £8
0143 SOLD Veda Brown
I Know It's Not Right Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You
Stax M £6
0144 SOLD Roy Lee Johnson
The Dryer Pt.I The Dryer Pt. II
Stax M £15
0145 SOLD Stefan
Holy Cow Take It Like It Comes
Stax M £6
0146 SOLD John Gary Williams
In Love With You My Sweet Lord
Stax M £6
0147 Albert King
Breaking Up Somebody's Home Little Brother
Stax M £6
0148 Little Milton
Rainy Day Lovin' Stick
Stax M £6 Not For Sale sticker on A side
0149 Carla Thomas
I May Not Be All You Want Sugar
Stax M £6
0150 SOLD Jean Knight
Save The Last Kiss For Me Do Me Stax M £8 Not For Sale sticker on A side
0152 The Soul Children
It Ain't Always What You Do All That Shines Ain't Gold
Stax M £6
0153 SOLD Rufus Thomas
Funky Robot Pt.I Funky Robot Pt. II
Stax M £6
0154 SOLD Mel & Tim
I May Not Be What You Want Too Much Wheelin' And Dealin'
Stax M £6
0155 Johnnie Taylor Don't You Fool With My Soul Part I Don't You Fool With My Soul Part II Stax M £8 Labeled as Roy Lee Johnson The Dryer Pt.I on A side!
0156 The Staple Singers Oh La De Da We The People
Stax M £6
0157 William Bell
Lovin' On Borrowed Time The Man In The Street
Stax M £10
0158 SOLD Eddie Floyd
Lay Your Loving On Me Knock On Wood
Stax M £5
0159 SOLD Needom Carroll Grantham
Lady Ride Today
Stax M £5 Stereo
0163 Veda Brown
Short Stopping I Can See Every Woman's Man But Mine
Stax M £5
0164 SOLD The Staple Singers
Be What You Are I Like The Things About Me
Stax M £5 Stereo
0165 Stefan
I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby As Long As I Can See The Light
Stax M £5
0167 SOLD Frederic Knight
This Is My Song Of Love To You Take Me On Home Witcha
Stax M £5
0169 The MG's
Sugarcane Blackside
Stax M £15
0170 SOLD The Soul Children
Love Is A Hurtin' Thing Poem On The School House Door Stax M £8
0171 SOLD Eddie Floyd
Baby Lay Your Head Down Check Me Out
Stax M £5
0172 SOLD Skin Alley
Bad Words And Evil People The Demagogue
Stax M £5
0173 SOLD Carla Thomas
Love Among People I Have A God Who Loves
Stax M £8
0174 Little Milton
What Is It Who Can Handle Me Is You
Stax M £8
0175 William Bell
I've Got To Go On Without You You're Got The Kind Of Love I Need
Stax M £8
0176 Johnnie Taylor
Cheaper To Keep Her I Can Read Between The Lines
Stax M £8
0177 Rufus Thomas
You Don't Want Me No More I'm Still In Love With You
Stax M £6 Stereo
0178 The Sweet Inspirations
Slipped And Stripped Emergency
Stax M £6
0182 The Soul Children
I'll Be The Other Woman Comeback Kind Of Love
Stax M £8 Stereo Not For Sale stamp on A side
0183 SOLD Salix Alba
I Can't Resist Sweet Times
Stax M £4
0185 SOLD Glen Yarbrough
& Limelighters
I See America Holy Creation Stax M £4 Stereo Not For Sale stamp on A side