Watch This Sound - Sir Lee's Rock Steady Collection Vol.14

Various Artists

Watch This Sound - Sir Lee's Rock Steady Collection Vol.14  cd cover


  1. Over Again - Stranger Cole
  2. You Lied To Me - Slim Smith
  3. I'll Let You Go - Dawn Penn
  4. Right On Time - The Sensations
  5. People Get Ready - Max Romeo
  6. When I Was A Little Girl - T.T. Ross
  7. Hey There Lonely Girl - Glen Adams
  8. Soul Survivor - Val Bennet
  9. Please Don't Leave Me - Beverly Simmons
  10. I Can't Help It - Glen Adams
  11. Watch This Sound - Max Romeo
  12. Over You - Pat Perrine
  13. Let's Get Together - Slim Smith
  14. Return Home - Alva Lewis
  15. Cool Cool Rocksteady - Don T. Lee & Bobby Aitken


back button Another interesting Rock Steady collection from Drum & Bass in Japan. Its based around record producer Bunny Lee and records released on his various labels from 1967/8, when they began to take over from Island. No information is given about the tracks, but we are treated to a print out sheet with the original 45 label scans. Bunny Lee had a major roll in establishing reggae labels in the UK, his tracks were issued by the Palmer brothers and formed part of the early Trojan issues. Max Romeo had a hit with Wet Dream in 1969, despite the BBC banning the record from air-play. Don T. Lee is Bunny's brother and he can be heard on the final track. All are by the way well worth the cost of this CD, and it comes in a cardboard box. Issued on Drum & Bass Rock A Shacka DBCD-014 2006 Japan